‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: October 12 episode will include Week 10 Head of Household and their eviction nominations

This Monday’s episode of “Big Brother” will begin by showing us the jaw-dropping results of the Week 10 Head of Household competition that began right after the live show on October 8. We will also see the aftermath of the votes to evict Tyler Crispen on the five remaining houseguests. And we’ll get a look at the announcement by the Week 9 HOH of the eviction nominations who will face off in a live vote on October 15.

Keep reading for a taste of all the fun in store for viewers of  episode 29 on October 12. We’ve been glued to the live feeds and have all the “Big Brother” 22 spoilers on what else is to come on this new edition of #BB22.

As the outgoing HOH, Cody Calafiore was ineligible to compete for the title. This meant that the other four remaining houseguests — Christmas Abbott, Nicole Franzel, Memphis Garrett and Enzo Palumbo — were pitted against each other. Of these, all but Nicole had been Head of Household at least once.

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The HOH challenge, “Stashing Pumpkins,” was a test of athletic prowess. Christmas was almost finished when she dropped a ball, which forced her to start over. The same thing happened to Memphis. That gave Nicole the chance she needed and she was able to pull off the win. This is first time this season that she has been Head of Household, and it couldn’t have come at a better moment in the cutthroat competition.

She had been planning to nominate Christmas and Memphis and assumed that the target would be the only other woman remaining in the house. But Cody convinced her otherwise, and Memphis became the Committee choice to become the next member of the jury.

However, if one of her nominees won the Power of Veto on Saturday, Nicole will have to figure out who should take their place on Monday at the POV ceremony. If you want to know the results of that do-or-die POV competition for Christmas and Memphis click on the link below.

And be sure to vote in our poll as to who you’d like to see evicted on Thursday. Or do you like both Christmas and Memphis so much that you want to see a substitution in the nominations via the POV? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on #BB22 so far.

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