Indya Moore (‘Pose’) on ‘the magnitude of inspiration’ the show provides [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Indya Moore portrayed both the joys and the darker aspects of the trans experience on Season 2 of “Pose.” Playing Angel Evangelista, who gets a modeling contract only to find herself exploited by the photographer, Moore had to tackle some unfortunately familiar territory for trans people. “That scene was indicative of a very important dynamic that should be talked about in the ways that trans people are only seen as sexual beings or sexualized objects,” Moore says in an exclusive new interview for Gold Derby. “I have first-hand experience in my body not only being objectified but my vulnerability being abused for the interests of the people who pretend to wanna help me.” Watch the video interview above.

While the scene in the Season 2 premiere where Angel is forced to de-robe for the photographer may have been difficult to watch and to play for Moore, the actor felt protected on-set. “It was a safe place for me and it was a safe space for me and there were check-ins, people made sure that I was okay,” Moore recalls. “I’m spoiled by how supportive a production ‘Pose’ is. I’m reminded of that every time I work on a set that isn’t centering queer and trans stories that I’m quite lucky to be on a production like ‘Pose.'”

Moore had a lot of screen time with Evan Peters in Season 1 of “Pose,” but he was written out of the show before the second season began. This was admittedly “bittersweet” for Moore, who enjoyed working with him but also found it frustrating to see white cis actors like Peters, Kate Mara and James Van Der Beek credited ahead of the show’s principal cast of queer and trans talent. “However, I think what’s also indicative is the growth that the network had shown in their understandings of our own marginalization in and out of Hollywood,” Moore adds, “so I think those are conversations that were had and were listened to and I’m just really proud of the work that we’ve all done together to make ‘Pose’ what it is.”

While Angel had her share of difficulties in Season 2, viewers also got to see her rise in prominence as a model and even get engaged to Lil Papi (Angel Bismark Curiel) in the finale. It was significant for Moore, who identifies as non-binary, to be able to portray the joys of the trans experience just as much as the traumas. “I think it’s incredibly important for people to know the ways that we find joy, experience joy, we find love, experience being loved, and our experience in loving,” they say, especially in a world that often only hears about trans people after they have been murdered. When Moore looks at how the show has become such an inspirational story for queer viewers especially, they are incredibly appreciative to be just one part of it. “I can’t fathom the magnitude of inspiration and hope that these stories give trans people and queer people.”

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