Jeff Probst: ‘Adam may regret’ telling Boston Rob his secrets on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ [WATCH]

Uh-oh! Things are not looking good for Adam Klein‘s game after this week’s episode of “Survivor: Winners at War.” To recap, the “Millennials vs. Gen X” champion hatched a plot to eliminate Parvati Shallow in order to break up the “old school” alliance of Parvati, Ethan Zohn and Rob Mariano. But when Adam told Boston Rob his secret plan to oust his number two ally, the “Redemption Island” winner spilled the beans to the rest of the tribe. In the video above, “Survivor” host Jeff Probst now says “Adam may regret” his decision.

“I look at what he did with Rob as he was making a move,” Jeff explains in his five-minute analysis of “Out For Blood,” the third episode of Season 40. He adds with a laugh, “I think a lot of fans are probably gonna say, ‘Are you nuts telling Boston Rob the plan?’ Taking on Rob in any way, giving Rob any kind of information, does come with a certain amount of risk and I think Adam may regret that one.”

Jeff readily admits, “This season has 20 very unique personalities and what is interesting about Adam is that he is coming to play and he’s playing very, very hard. I respect that. He might be overplaying a bit. But it’s easy to backseat drive and second guess when a move doesn’t go well.”

Adam summed up his decision by saying, “This is the time to draw a line in the sand and target some of the big dogs in this game.” He then went to his closest ally Denise Stapley and filled her in on the plan to target Parvati, explaining how Rob “really trusts” him. But Adam’s move went awry when he decided to tell Ethan, and later Rob, about the Parvati blindside. Apparently, the one thing Adam failed to consider was the loyalty the “old schoolers” had for each other.

“I’m thinking, is this kid crazy?” a shocked Boston Rob asked the camera. “I know he’s seen me play on TV. He’s seen every episode. He knows everything. I don’t play like that.”

Adam’s fellow “new schoolers” Jeremy Collins and Michele Fitzgerald agreed that the Rob-Parvati-Ethan trio needed to be broken up, but they didn’t like how Adam was calling the shots. So they joined a foursome with Denise and Ben Driebergen and all voted out Ethan at tribal council. A confused Adam ended up casting the sole vote for Parvati.

Here’s how Jeff sums up the season so far: “At tribal council there is a trend developing. Ethan goes home, another ‘old school’ player. So now we have Amber, Danni and Ethan. Doesn’t mean that’s how it’s gonna be for the future, but it does mean that a signal is being sent and now people are gonna have to start changing how they play. Maybe Rob has to figure out a different plan. Parvati may not be able to do what she first thought, which is run the game. So that’s what I like about it. You know if you watch ‘Survivor’ nothing is ever etched in stone, ever. Even at tribal, even as they’re talking, it’s still up in the air. This game is still very fluid and that’s fun, but if you’re an ‘old school’ player you better get to moving.”

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