Jeff Probst defends Adam Klein’s gutsy ‘Survivor’ moves: ‘That is ultimately how you win’ [WATCH]

Survivor: Winners at War” host Jeff Probst is standing up for Adam Klein, a current Season 40 castaway who’s gotten so much hate online he’s had to temporarily disable social media. Adam’s troubles began when his alliance’s plan to blindside Parvati Shallow backfired after Adam spilled the beans to Rob Mariano. Now, in the most recent episode, Parvati and Boston Rob created lies about Adam in order to paint a target on his back. “It should be in a rule book on ‘Survivor,’ whenever you’re in trouble create chaos because you have nothing to lose,” Jeff declares in his latest recap video (watch above).

Jeff adds that Parvati and Rob are “putting the chaos on Adam and they’re trying to paint him as two-faced and having different alliances, which is kind of true and Adam’s made some mistakes.” However, Jeff concedes, “Adam’s playing his own game. Adam’s playing a very aggressive game. He’s going for it. That is ultimately how you win ‘Survivor.’ Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But if you just sit in the middle this season, you have no chance to win at the end. There is no way they are going to vote for a winner who didn’t make moves.”

Adam had to go on an “apology tour” this week after his previous blunder. He felt “castrated in front of everybody” at tribal council when Jeff read Ethan Zohn‘s name four times, which meant Adam’s four alliance members (Michele Fitzgerald, Jeremy Collins, Ben Driebergen and Denise Stapley) all kept him out of the loop. “I was playing all sides, and unfortunately now everybody knows it,” he sighed. “I’m lucky to be here.”

Jeff asserts that Rob and Parvati are “in trouble” at the Sele camp after losing fellow alliance members Ethan and Danni Boatwright. “You can see the tide at this point starting to be, ‘We should get rid of these legends, these old school players,'” Jeff notes. “They’re smart to do that because the two that are left, Rob and Parvati, are very clever.”

Of course, alliances could be about to shift in next week’s fifth episode after Jeff tells the remaining 15 players to “drop their buffs” in the first tribe switch of Season 40. Will Rob and Parvati’s games be saved by switching to tribes with people they can work with? Will Adam still be on a tribe with his “new school” players who no longer trust him? Find out Wednesday, March 11.

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