Jeff Probst (‘Survivor 40’): Rob Mariano pulled ‘mob-type mafia boss move’ by telling everybody to empty their bags [WATCH]

Survivor” host Jeff Probst doesn’t hold back when describing Rob Mariano‘s controversial antics in the second episode of “Winners at War.” “If you ever want to see a mob-type mafia boss move, [it’s in] tribal council episode two,” Jeff explains in the video above about how the show’s so-called Godfather told everybody to “empty their bags.” Boston Rob’s decision to try to flush out a hidden immunity idol has been met with controversy by viewers — was it a genius move or did it go too far? Give us your take down in the comments section.

When Rob’s Sele tribe lost the immunity challenge, they all met up with Jeff at tribal council where the discussions soon turned to whether or not anyone had found a hidden immunity idol. “Someone have the idol? Anyone have the idol?” Rob asked aloud. The “Survivor” Godfather then shocked everyone by proclaiming, “I think we should find out who has the idol. Okay, let’s do it. Let’s all open our bags and let’s see who has the idol.”

One after another, like sheep to the slaughter, all nine castaways — Rob, Danni Boatwright, Jeremy Collins, Ben Driebergen, Michele Fitzgerald, Adam Klein, Parvati Shallow, Denise Stapley and Ethan Zohn — spilled the contents of their bags onto the ground. No idols were revealed. Amazingly, both Denise and Adam were in possession of one-half of an idol, but they kept them secret in all of the chaos.

Moments later the Sele tribe voted out Danni in an 8-1 vote over Parvati, sending Danni to the Edge of Extinction to join Natalie Anderson and Amber Mariano. “We lose another old school player, Danni, who I think I picked to win,” Jeff readily admitted. “We were so happy that she said yes. And this is why I’m so happy we have the Edge of Extinction, because Danni is still in the game.”

Jeff continued on, “So now you have Danni, Amber and Natalie over on the Edge of Extinction. They’re now gonna start to form maybe an alliance in terms of support, but it’s a new battle because these advantages are going to come from the Edge of Extinction. Slowly, every player who goes there is going to figure it out and then start to realize, ‘Oh man, Natlalie has been here X days longer than me. What does she have going?'”

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