Jeff Probst (‘Survivor 40’) on Wendell’s swagger: It ‘worked against him’ this time around [WATCH]

Every week “Survivor” host Jeff Probst analyzes the most recent happenings on “Winners at War,” and this time around he focused on Wendell Holland being voted out of Wednesday’s merge episode. “I thought Wendell had a little swagger this season, and I think it worked against him,” Probst declared in this week’s video recap (watch above). Wendell was ousted by a 9-3 vote over Adam Klein, so he now must live on the Edge of Extinction and await his chance to return to the game.

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Probst admitted he was “sorry to see Wendell go.” As the four-time Emmy-winning host explained, “I think he’s had a hard time this season.” Wendell’s game started out pretty strong on the Dakal tribe, but when the tribe switch happened he swapped over to Sele where he was reunited with his one-time girlfriend Michele Fitzgerald. The two butted heads repeatedly, but in the end they stuck together to vote out Yul Kwon the night before the merge.

When Wendell played the first time in “Survivor: Ghost Island,” he was “so likeable, so charismatic, good-looking, could build a shelter, could win challenges, always had that toothpick, very charming,” recalled Probst. “[He was] loyal to his alliance to the end and still won. And I think when you play at that level and you get all of that kind of adulation and those accolades from the fans, you could have a little swagger.”

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“Wendell’s a really cool dude,” Probst added. “I think a little hubris, a little humble pie, is a good thing every so often. And you saw it this episode. Wendell was back to the likeable Wendell that we know and love. Now he’s on the Edge of Extinction and you know that dude is thinking about getting back in at the end of this game. And Wendell’s a guy that, if he gets back in, is charming enough he could win.”

After having his torch snuffed, Wendell bequeathed his two fire tokens to Michele and Nick Wilson. However, he still wasn’t sure who exactly had stabbed him in the back at that point. “Michele, good luck, girl. Nick, keep fighting,” Wendell stated as he dropped his wooden coins into their chests. Wendell will have a chance to acquire more fire tokens on the Edge of Extinction, which he can use to buy things like advantages or luxuries.

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