Jeff Probst (‘Survivor’) wonders if Sandra has any ‘fight’ left in her: Will she raise the mast at Edge of Extinction? [WATCH]

Sandra Diaz-Twine was just voted out of “Survivor: Winners at War” in the one of the most cutthroat reality TV blindsides of all time. After a confident Sandra gave her hidden immunity idol to Denise Stapley in exchange for her fire tokens, Denise ended up using the idol to send home the “Survivor” Queen. “And now the question will be, how much gas does Sandra have in her tank?” host Jeff Probst wonders in his weekly recap video (watch above). “Does she want to fight to get back in?” he asks aloud. Um, Jeff, what exactly are you suggesting here?!

There are currently eight castaways stuck in a holding pattern at the Edge of Extinction: Natalie Anderson, Amber Mariano, Danni Boatwright, Ethan Zohn, Tyson Apostol, Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow and Sandra. At least one of these former champs will win the return challenge and re-enter the game, likely at the time of the merge. But Jeff’s words have us worried about Sandra’s future at the Edge of Extinction. Will she — gasp — raise the mast and call it quits?

When the Extinction Island twist was first added to the game in Season 38, two players had enough of the deserted island life and raised the white flag to signal the exit boat: Keith Sowell and Wendy Diaz. Keith had been living at the Edge for 11 days while Wendy spent just one night there. They raised the mast together on Day 17 after losing the comeback comp to Rick Devens. The other Extinction Island inhabitants — Reem Daly, Aubry Bracco and Chris Underwood — all decided to stick it out until the next return competition, which happened on Day 35. Chris won that second challenge and re-entered the game; he took home the $1 million check four days later.

Jeff asking whether Sandra has “gas in her tank” could be a reference to her mental state after Denise’s blindside, or it could be a reference to her physical game. It’s no secret that Sandra, two-time winner of “Pearl Islands” and “Heroes vs. Villains,” likes to be the one to sit out of challenges. In fact, Parvati Shallow even suggested the sit-out bench be renamed the Sandra Bench. “I like that name,” Sandra declared about Parvati’s comment. “Oh no, she’s not hurting my feelings.”

With the Edge of Extinction return challenge likely to be a mix of physical strength and mental acuity, does Sandra have what it takes to beat the likes of her fellow voted-out castaways? And don’t forget, Natalie, Amber, Danni and Ethan all have fire tokens that they can use to purchase an advantage in the challenge. Sandra has no such fire tokens as of this writing, which puts her at a huge disadvantage. Despite whatever happens at Extinction Island, Sandra will now and forever remain the “Survivor” Queen.

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