Jeff Probst teases ‘Survivor’ Season 41 air date: ‘We’re committed to being on in the fall’ … with a cast of ‘teenagers’?!

At the tail-end of Wednesday’s three-hourSurvivor: Winners at War” finale, Jeff Probst addressed the elephant in the garage: when is the air date for Season 41? “Let’s talk about our 41st season,” Probst declared. “Normally we show you a cool promo, but for obvious reasons we haven’t been able to shoot.” “Survivor” isn’t alone — the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of Hollywood for the past several months. In fact, Season 41 was supposed to have been in the can already, but has been temporarily delayed.

“Man, we have some fun ideas,” Probst teased about future installments. “We’re always trying to explore and evolve the show and take chances and we’re gonna do that. We’re committed to being on in the fall with our 41st season, which means you should apply, especially if you’re young. I’m talking teenagers — 16, 17, 18, 19. Do it. Cool parents and a cool school? Who knows. It could happen.” Hmm, is Probst really suggesting there might be a kids version of “Survivor” in the near future?

The just-concluded 40th season of “Survivor” pitted 20 of the most iconic winners against each other in an epic showdown for the ages. Tony Vlachos ended up winning the $2 million prize over runner-up Natalie Anderson and third-place finisher Michele Fitzgerald. That makes Tony the King of “Survivor,” while Sandra Diaz-Twine remains the Queen as she’s the only woman to win twice. See the updated “Survivor” winners list in our photo gallery below.

Are you happy with how “Survivor: Winners at War” concluded on May 13? What kinds of twists do you hope we’ll see for Season 41? Give us your take down in the comments section or sound off in our reality television forum with other diehard “Survivor” fans.

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