Jefferson y Adrianita were ‘amazing’ during the ‘World of Dance’ finals, but were they upstaged by the stage? [WATCH]

Jefferson y Adrianita were so good on “World of Dance” that they earned an Emmy nomination for Best Choreography after just two of their performances had aired on the NBC competition series. And they made history as the first Latin dance duo to advance to the World Final. So how did they do on the final night of the competition? Watch their last routine above to find out.

This pair followed in the footsteps of Karen y Ricardo, fellow Emmy nominees, who competed on the show during season two but were upset during the Divisional Final and thus didn’t get to perform for the million-dollar grand prize. Jefferson y Adrianita did make it to the end, and they scaled up the production for their showstopping final performance, setting up a platform on the stage that they used to soar above the judges as they executed more of their innovative, dangerous lifts, flips and tricks.

“That was so amazing!” exclaimed judge Derek Hough. “You guys don’t need an audience for that dance,” he added, a reference to the studio being empty because the World Final was taped as productions were beginning to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ne-Yo agreed that they “made it feel like there were a thousand people in here.” But one part disappointed him: there was a moment when Jefferson lifted Adrianita onto his shoulders and hoisted her onto the high platform at center stage, which looked a little labored to him.

Jennifer Lopez agreed with that critique. She “loved the performance,” but “I think the stairs hurt you.” She was wowed by what they did on top of that platform, but getting there and getting back down created awkward moments in the middle of their choreography. That may have made all the difference. They got impressive scores: 94 from Ne-Yo and 96s from Lopez and Hough, but their final average of 95.3 was one-third of one point lower than the 95.7 average for MDC 3, who ended up winning the championship. It’s ironic, but stepping up may have cost them the crown.

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