4 reasons why Jeremy Collins deserves to win ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

As we enter the endgame of “Survivor: Winners at War,” the competition is heating up. And no one may be more equipped to handle the rising temperature than firefighter Jeremy Collins. In our exclusive interview with “Big Little Lies” star Adam Scott he opened up about his love of the game (watch here). He told us, “This is an incredible season. Maybe the best. It really is unbelievable. I’m really pulling for Jeremy. But I think everyone is aware he could easily win. I’m worried for him.”

Jeremy is a great player. He won the 31st season of the show, which saw returning players who failed to win come back for another tilt. He was able to stay in control throughout a turbulent season and won a unanimous victory from the jury. It would be so poetic if this champ from a season of all losers came back and prevailed in a season of all winners. He would be a very worthy winner. So, for Adam Scott and all the Jeremy fans out there, here are the four reasons why this firefighter deserves to win.

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1. He’s familiar with fire escapes
The very first vote of the season Jeremy was on the outs. He was blindsided as his closest ally Natalie Anderson was sent packing. But he was able to get himself out of the tight as the “old school” alliance was exposed. From a precarious position Jeremy got himself into a controlling one quite quickly. When the tribe swap happened he was down in the numbers as well. But, he able to ingratiate himself to the majority and Denise Stapley played an idol to protect him. Then his greatest escape, and biggest move of the season. At the final 10 he realized he was in trouble and used his “safety without power” advantage. It cost him a vote but he could leave tribal and was saved from being sent to extinction. And then with the votes against him again, Tony Vlachos gave him a lifeline. This season Jeremy has worked his way up from the bottom, had an idol played on him, used an advantage at a crucial moment and had a big player turn on his alliance for him. A worthy story of a winner.

2. He can keep his cool when the heat turns up
One of my great delights this season has been when the game heats up and people come to Jeremy. He sites back and chuckles. The guy knows how to keep his cool. Whether it was Boston Rob Mariano confronting him about targeting Parvati Shallow, or Tony coming to him with a third or fourth name to vote out, the guy nearly always has a smile on his face. This was perhaps most evident early in the season when Natalie was blindsided. He was upset, but rather than throwing a tantrum at the tribe, he looked at how he could work with people and turn the numbers around. As this game has the potential to get more consumed by chaos after the Sophie Clarke blindside, his cool charm will put him in good stead to survive.

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3. He knows how to set up a smokescreen
Jeremy is a such a huge threat to win “Survivor 40.” He’s smart, charming and strong. He knows this, so to win he made sure he keep bigger (or equal) targets in the game. He’s using these “meat shields” as a smokescreen to get to the end and win. This time he’s been following the winning strategy. In his original tribe rather than taking out two of the biggest threats, Boston Rob and Parvati, he targeted and removed their allies. After the merge Jeremy tried to keep Tyson Apostol in the game. This kept his name out of the conversation for the first two votes. He now finds himself in an alliance with Tony, another big threat. Jeremy’s been in danger the last two votes. But without his shields he could have easily been sent to extinction much earlier. And his new ally might provide the perfect path to the end.

4. He knows how to play the hero
Is there anyone more likable than Jeremy? He’s affable and fun. He has four children, which provided the most emotionally charged family visit (in a season of emotionally charged visits). And he’s a firefighter! He’s the quintessential American hero. Add that to his strong game-play and getting to the end as a big threat. How could the jury resist? To emphasis just how compelling a hero Jeremy is, when he won he swept all 10 jury votes; the biggest jury to ever reach a unanimous decision. If Jeremy gets to the end, he looks like a pretty safe bet to win. That is unless the unlikely prospect that him and Tony make it to the end. Then it could be a close vote.

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