Ji Won Choi (‘Making the Cut’) on that challenge twist: ‘I didn’t expect that to happen at all’ [SPOILERS FOR EPISODES 1-2]

“It was super exciting because I didn’t expect that to happen at all. I thought it was going to be the same situation as the first episode where I was almost the winner but not quite there, so it was an unexpected surprise,” says fashion designer Ji Won Choi about the twist ending in the second episode of the competition series “Making the Cut.” She didn’t win the “Haute Couture” assignment, but a representative from Amazon Fashion liked her look so much they sold it online anyway. “I’ve never been able to reach such a wide audience that Amazon can reach.” Watch our interview with Choi above.

Choi got off to a great start when “Making the Cut” premiered its first two episodes on March 27. She was one of the judges’ top two designers in the premiere episode, “Heidi and Tim Are Back,” but Esther Perbandt was the victor. Then in “Haute Couture” the judges admired her two looks — one menswear piece was so flattering Tim Gunn thought even he could pull it off. Perbandt won that assignment too, and eccentric Sander Bos was the runner-up, but that was when the judges called Choi over to give her the good news. And it only took a few days before her and Perbandt’s looks had sold out online.

“My brand is an accumulation of my life story … and how I learned to accept myself and my heritage,” Choi explains about her aesthetic, which incorporates Eastern and Western influences. She was born in Korea, but raised in Oklahoma and studied at Parsons in New York City, which makes her an especially good fit for a show so focused on global fashion. But will she win the whole competition? Two new episodes of “Making the Cut” premiere every Friday until the April 24 finale.

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