Why ‘Yellowstone’ costume designer Johnetta Boone loves giving characters ‘signature pieces’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Johnetta Boone joined “Yellowstone” in its second season, taking over for Ruth E. Carter, but the costume designer felt like she had been there all along.

“It was actually quite fantastic because she did such an amazing job in Season 1 and it was easy to just walk right in.,” Boone told Gold Derby at our Meet the BTL Experts: Costume Design panel (watch above). “Ruth and I are friends, so it was a wonderful shifting of the guard. It was a great welcome from the cast. Everything was set up very nicely for me, so it was a very warm reception. It almost felt like I had been there, which was really great because sometimes when you’re going in, you could feel like a new person in a room where a party is already going.”

Boone, who got great tips from Carter, including what creator Taylor Sheridan prefers, built on what the closets the Oscar winner had started while incorporating her own additions. “I used pieces from their existing closets and then built on that based off of what was already there and then interjected things that I personally liked and shopped for,” she shared. “With the character Rainwater [Gil Birmingham], I added some Native American lapel pins on his suit that were made out of bone and sterling silver with turquoise. … I like having iconic pieces that are sort of signature pieces, pieces that someone wears all the time.”

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For star and executive producer Kevin Costner, that item is his beloved pair of Ralph Lauren jeans, which had been discontinued. Carter had fixed up the original and made 14 additional pairs during the first season, which came in handy in Season 2.

“He’s worn the same pair of double RL jeans probably for 15 years. He doesn’t take kindly to replicating something, so we replicated it only to use for stunt scenes so we don’t burn the original heroes,” Boone revealed. “Luckily, double RL rereleased that jean, so I was able to get a few more pairs, which then built on the collection that we had. And he absolutely does keep them with him because they are in his arsenal. That’s all he wears. That’s how we move about. We use the replicas when we need to destroy something and then keep the authentic pairs in pristine shape so that we can use them throughout the series.”

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