Julie Chen Moonves blames that cringe-inducing ‘Big Brother’ live TV moment on ‘technical difficulties’

Big Brother” returned to the airwaves on Wednesday, August 5 and, yep, it was definitely live. As the two-hour Season 22 premiere neared its conclusion, host Julie Chen Moonves instructed the first four Have-Nots (Ian Terry, Nicole Anthony, Kevin Campbell and Memphis Garrett) to walk upstairs and enter their new room. Unfortunately, the small door they were supposed to crawl through was stuck. “Do they slide or push the door?” Julie was heard asking her producers on live television. “It’s still locked.”

The Have-Nots did all they could to try to open the door, but it wasn’t budging. “All right, then just stay in the hall for seven days,” Julie quipped about the cringe-inducing moment before adding, “I’m kidding.”

Ever the professional, Julie turned to the camera and apologized to the viewers at home. “As we work out our technical difficulties, I will say, it’s only gonna be seven days that they have to live in this room. We promise you at home we will show it. No one ever said winning half a million dollars would be easy.”

“Big Brother” then cut to an early commercial break. When it returned, Julie addressed the 16 All-Stars in the living room. “First off, we have to apologize that you couldn’t get into the Have-Not room, but it doesn’t get you out of having to live there. You’re gonna see it later tonight.”

Being a Have-Not means you have to take cold showers for the week and eat nothing but slop, aka “Big Brother’s” disgusting food dish that resembles bland oatmeal. They also must sleep in an uncomfortable room Julie claims has been “outfitted to the extreme” … but we’ll just have to trust her for now. Find out what the houseguests think of their Have-Not room when the show returns Sunday, August 9.

Ian, Nicole A., Kevin and Memphis became Have-Nots due to a random luck of the draw. After losing the Head of Household competition, they were told to grab mysterious envelopes which were later revealed to be Have-Not punishments. Christmas Abbott also lost the challenge, but her envelope contained a $5,000 cash prize instead. Cody Calafiore won the season’s first HOH comp, so he will have to put two of his fellow All-Stars on the elimination block.

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The locked door snafu wasn’t the only thing that went wrong during the two-hour live “BB22” broadcast. Earlier in the episode, the players were excitedly greeting each other and seemingly couldn’t hear Julie’s voice over the loudspeaker. “The last person seated gets evicted tonight,” she joked repeatedly, to no avail. We heard you at home, Julie!

The next live episode of Season 22 airs Thursday, August 13, so here’s hoping the kinks get sorted out before then. Either way, we’re just so excited that the coronavirus pandemic didn’t keep “Big Brother’s” front door locked for the summer.

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