Kaysar Ridha (‘Big Brother 22’) exit interview: The All-Stars ‘suck’ and ‘it was getting a little boring’

Kaysar Ridha walked out of the “Big Brother 22” house in All-Star fashion Thursday night after blowing up several alliances and ridiculing his fellow houseguests for their weak game play. Prior to his unanimous eviction over Enzo Palumbo‘s pawn, Christmas Abbott, Kaysar wanted to shake up the house and let the remaining players know just how much they “suck.”

In his final plea stay in the game, Kaysar’s main target was Cody Calafiore, who he said had a “love triangle” of alliances with “nobody willing to take a shot.” Other players who fell victim to Kaysar’s epic take down included the core of each of Cody’s alliances: Dani Briones, Tyler Crispin, Nicole Franzel and Enzo. As Cody looked on with his jaw nearly on the floor, Kaysar pulled out his FBI cap, put on a smile and waited for host Julie Chen Moonves to call him outside.

“I knew it was going to be a long shot,” Kaysar responded in his exit interview when asked if he thought his epic farewell speech would actually earn him any votes. “That was sort of my Hail Mary. I was going to see if I could maybe muster up some votes. I knew there were several people that would keep me in the house, but they knew they didn’t have all the votes to keep me. They didn’t want to expose themselves. So I figured I’d give them a little present on the way out.”

After Julie mentioned Kaysar receiving “icy” goodbye hugs from Dani and Nicole, the Season 6 veteran didn’t seem phased. “This season has been extremely friendly,” he noted. “Nobody wanted to pull any punches and nobody wanted to take a stand. I figured we needed to spice things up a bit. It was getting a little boring as far as I was concerned.”

Although Kaysar managed to figure out most of the alliances forming in the game, there was one houseguest that managed to stay off his radar. “I didn’t see that one coming,” Kaysar replied when Julie informed him that Memphis Garrett had created the alliance that targeted him. “That was really good. No wonder he kept saying, ‘There’s nothing going on in this house.'”

Despite Kaysar’s inability to penetrate the power alliances, he was able to form connections in the house and lead serious, heartfelt conversations. “With a heavy heart I have to tell you, I didn’t come back for the money,” Kaysar revealed. “I came back because ‘Big Brother’ was a platform that changed my life the first time around 15 years ago. I felt as though it was a call to duty to come back and make a difference. I’m a father now and I’m not okay with the way the world is today. There’s so much pain and so much division, I felt as though we had to take a stand. Somebody had to step up and say there’s a better way. I felt like that was why I was able to walk out of this house with my head held high.”

Following Kaysar’s eviction, Christmas was crowned the new HOH. Her nominations will be revealed on Sunday, September 6 along with a new room called the “BB Basement.” Players will have a chance to compete, in pitch dark, for three game-changing advantages. Will the new twist finally shake up this lackluster game?

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