Kaysar Ridha is not giving up just yet: ‘This is Big Brother, I have to come up with something’

One of the most iconic people to ever play “Big Brother,” Kaysar Ridha, is not giving up the fight in the “All-Stars” house despite the odds seemingly being stacked against him. “I’m not feeling good, to be honest,” he stated in the Diary Room at the end of Wednesday’s Veto episode. However, he quickly added, “This is ‘Big Brother,’ I have to come up with something. I’m gonna figure out a way to get out of this mess so that you’ll be seeing me next week in this house.”

Kaysar had a chance to save himself from elimination in the endurance Veto challenge, but co-nominee Kevin Campbell prevailed instead. “I am not a doormat to be walked all over,” Kevin bragged in the DR. “I’m more like a Persian rug, so you better take off your shoes, bitch!” When Kevin removed himself from the block, Head of Household Enzo Palumbo put up another pawn, Christmas Abbott, as a replacement nominee.

Initially Enzo floated the idea of backdooring Ian Terry, a former “BB” winner who’s flying under the radar so far this season. But as he explained to the camera, “I couldn’t risk taking a shot right now when everyone wants Kaysar out.” Last week the house almost unanimously wanted Kaysar’s partner in crime Janelle Pierzina gone, and now it seems to be Kaysar’s turn to feel the sting of eviction.

Even though Christmas volunteered to go up as Enzo’s pawn against Kaysar, she knows the history of pawns on “Big Brother” — sometimes they go home. “I am like 99.5% confident that Kaysar is the big target and will be going home this week,” she laughed before adding, “so now I for sure am hoping this doesn’t backfire on me, or I’m just gonna like walk out of here wearing a dunce cap.”

Who will be going home on Thursday night, Kaysar or Christmas? And who will become the next Head of Household for Season 22, “All-Stars”? Find out live on September 3.

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