Keesha Smith (‘Big Brother 22’) confidently declares, ‘There’s no way that I’m going home this week’

As one of the first two people on the elimination block in “Big Brother” Season 22, Keesha Smith seems strangely confident she’ll still be in the house after Thursday’s live eviction. “At this point my social game is in full effect,” the former Season 10 contestant declared during Wednesday’s Veto episode. “I’m gonna make sure that everyone likes me. I’m gonna charm the pants off of them. There’s no way that I’m going home this week.”

Hmm, we’re not quite sure what gives Keesha so much confidence that she’ll avoid elimination. After all, her one and only conversation with Head of Household Cody Calafiore couldn’t have gone more awkwardly if she’d tried. Cody has expressed zero interest in working with her, but has she made enough bonds with the other contestants so they’ll keep her? Stay tuned.

“I wanted to pull a big move this week,” claimed Enzo Palumbo, the first Veto winner of the summer. “You know, maybe a backdoor. But it’s just maybe not the right time right now. It’s too early. But it’s only week one and the Meow-Meow’s still got a lot of game to play.” For a brief moment Enzo floated the idea of putting Ian Terry up on the block after he spotted him whispering with Nicole Franzel (they’re the only two former winners in the house). But ultimately Enzo decided against using the Veto as he didn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

Kevin Campbell, this week’s second nominated houseguest, sounded off in the Diary Room after the Veto meeting. “Ugh! Not being pulled off the block is not the greatest thing,” he stated. “But I’ve built a relationship with Cody and Enzo, two people who have power influence. And if they can sway the votes in my favor, this All-Star can shine another week. Let’s hope!” Unlike Keesha, Enzo seems to actively be trying to sway votes to his side by making friends with unlikely contestants. Will it be enough to save him?

Gold Derby’s predicted winner, Da’Vonne Rogers, closed out Wednesday’s hour with these wise words to the camera: “Enzo didn’t use the Power of Veto, which is great for my game because safe. Now Cody did what was expected of the first HOH. You know, he made the easy move. However, this is All-Stars, okay? So I do not expect the temperature of the house to remain calm like it is. A storm is coming. When? I don’t know. But the storm is coming.” Spoken like a true All-Star!

Who will be the first person voted out of “Big Brother 22: All-Stars”: Keesha or Kevin? And which household will follow in Cody’s footsteps as the next HOH? We’ll all find out live, Thursday night on CBS.

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