Womp womp: Kevin Campbell (‘Big Brother 22’) thinks he’s ‘disposable’ to the other ‘All-Stars’

After being nominated for the third time on “Big Brother 22” during Sunday’s episode, Kevin Campbell predictably broke down in the Diary Room. “So that didn’t go so well,” he sighed. “I’m a pawn. Again. Clearly I have zero persuasive skills. I’m just disposable to these people.” Earlier in the episode the Head of Household, Dani Briones, gave him the bad news: he’d be going up yet again as a pawn. Kevin tried to convince her to keep him off the block, but Dani was in a tough position because she had an alliance with almost everyone in the house.

“I just feel so alone,” Kevin continued. “I don’t trust anybody in this house. I trust only one thing: the Veto. And I’m gonna gun for that Veto.” The Power of Veto competition will air Tuesday night on “BB22,” with the winner having the ability to remove one of the nominees — Kevin or David Alexander — from the chopping block. Do you think Kevin is “disposable” on “All-Stars”? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

David wasn’t as emotional as Kevin at learning he was a nominee this week. And it’s all thanks to his “Disruptor” power that he won in the “BB Basement.” The special advantage lets David save a nominee and force the HOH to name a replacement. It’s likely he will use the power during Tuesday’s episode, which will force Dani to get her hands bloody by nominating someone else.

“It never feels good to be on the block,” David told the camera, “but this is what Dani and the house don’t know: I have a power that I can use to take myself off the block and stay safe for the rest of the week. Oh, we thought David was gonna go? Oh, no, no, no, David is gonna be safe.” He then smiled, “It’s time to disrupt this house!”

For her part, Dani explained why she picked her two nominees instead of going with a bigger target like Tyler Crispen. “I nominated Kevin and David because they’re the only two people in the house I don’t talk big game with,” she noted. “Realistically, I could have gone after Tyler, but it’s just too early in the week and there’s just too much going on. I’m trying to dodge powers, and I need to play the game I want to play.”

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