Kevin Campbell (‘Big Brother 22’) exit interview: ‘Cody’s not gonna get my vote’ and ‘I can’t wait to see Da’Vonne!’

In a historic triple eviction episode, Kevin Campbell was the first All-Star sent packing on “Big Brother” Thursday night when he was evicted by a vote of 6-0 over David Alexander. Head of Household Cody Calafiore had made it clear that Kevin was his target after the Season 11 veteran burned his ego, stating, “The world doesn’t revolve around you, Cody.” After the votes were read, Kevin opted not to hug his fellow houseguests before walking out the door to meet host Julie Chen Moonves.

“It’s all fake Julie, you know it’s all fake stuff!” Kevin exclaimed in his exit interview when asked why he left in such a hurry. “I just didn’t want to have those fake hugs, I want happy hugs.” He did admit to being surprised by the unanimous eviction. “I thought I would get a few pity votes from maybe Dani [Briones] or Enzo [Palumbo]. This house has been voting unanimous as a block since the jump.”

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“This house is a scary house,” Kevin explained. “I feel like people are afraid of sticking out and making moves. It’s just been hard to break through.” After sailing through to a third place finish on Season 11, Kevin had a rough go of it on All-Stars, sitting on the block five times. “I’m a threat Julie!” he joked. “My time is up. I’ve been struggle-busing through this. Every week I’ve been fighting for my life. There’s only been six days that I’ve actually felt safe.”

Next Julie remarked about Kevin’s awkward conversation with Cody, to which Kevin coyly exclaimed, “Cody’s not gonna get my vote!” After chuckling, Kevin continued. “I’m awkward Julie. I have difficulty communicating my thoughts in a way that doesn’t come across really strange. I was feeling like he was throwing it on me! Like, ‘Hey I’m sorry, it sucks to me and it’s your fault that I need to nominate you.’ And I was like, why are you trying to make me feel like crap? We can do this tit for tat thing if you want.”

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In a more serious moment, Kevin got emotional when Julie mentioned more serious talks Kevin had in the house about being biracial and gay. “I didn’t know those conversations were going to be shown,” he remarked with tears filling his eyes. “I just wanted to represent my community as much as possible so thank you so much for showing those conversations. Those were important conversations. I’m glad that I was able to have those conversations and bring awareness to some important issues.”

“I’m so grateful for this experience,” Kevin gushed during his final farewell. “I never thought I would be an All-Star. This has been lightning striking twice.” Heading to the jury house, Kevin exclaimed, “I can’t wait to see Da’Vonne!”

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