King Tony (‘Survivor’) wants you to stop calling him the ‘greatest’ player ever: It’s an ‘impossible’ label

Even though Tony Vlachos is now the King of “Survivor” — he’s the only man to win twice, in “Cagayan” and “Winners at War” — he has a message for fans out there who are calling him the “G” word. “LOVE my fans and thank you ALL for the props, however, I am NOT the ‘Greatest’ player!” he recently tweeted. “I’ve never been the ‘greatest’ at anything, but I am ‘good’ at a lot of things and ‘Survivor’ is one of them. It’s impossible to label ANY player the ‘Greatest’ in my HONEST opinion!”

This New Jersey police officer dominated the recently concluded 40th season, which pitted 20 iconic winners against each other in an epic battle for $2 million. Amazingly, Tony went through the entire game without receiving a single vote at tribal council. That is, until the final tribal council when he earned a whopping 12 jury votes to win compared to four for Natalie Anderson and zero for Michele Fitzgerald.

Tony is now the second player of CBS’s reality TV show to win twice after Sandra Diaz-Twine, aka the Queen. She prevailed in “Pearl Islands” and “Heroes vs. Villains,” but was voted out early in “Winners at War” and voluntarily left the game instead of trying her luck at returning from the Edge of Extinction. See the updated “Survivor” winners list by scrolling through our photos below.

In his final pitch to the jury of 16, Tony talked about how he excelled at all aspects of the game: outwit (by creating social bonds), outplay (by winning four immunity necklaces and finding several idols) and outlast (by being responsible for voting them all out). His fellow players also got a huge chuckle when he told them about his “spy nest” high up in the tree, which he used to listen in on private conversations.

“It’s definitely life-changing,” Tony told host Jeff Probst about winning the record-high prize of $2 million. “With what’s going on in the world, you can really see how financial security is so important. I have mortgages on buildings, people can’t pay their rents now. So with this money I’m gonna make sure that I secure my family and be financially secure for the rest of my life.” Jeff then thanked Tony for being a “great winner” and “great representative of our show.” Hmm, there’s that “G” word again!

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