‘Making the Cut’ designer Sander Bos interview: He and Sabato Russo were like an ‘old married couple’ in ‘Collaboration’ [SPOILERS FOR EPISODES 3-4]

“I think we balanced off each other, and as any good old married couple we fought, but we made it work,” says “Making the Cut” designer Sander Bos about teaming up with his fellow competitor Sabato Russo in episode three of the fashion series. They won that “Collaboration” assignment, which meant their look was made available for sale on Amazon. Watch our exclusive video interview with Bos above.

For this assignment, hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn paired off the designers in the hopes that their unique aesthetics would combine to become more than the sum of their parts. So Bos and Russo brought their unique points of view together. Bos is the youngest designer in the competition at age 24, while Russo is the oldest at age 64. Also, Bos has an adventurous, avant garde style while Russo has brought pared-down elegance to the fashion shows.

Bos isn’t used to teaming up for a collection like he did with Russo, and there were difficulties in completing the assignment including a mishap with their tech packs to their seamstresses that left Bos with a lot more sewing work to do, but despite those bumps in the road, it turned out to be a pretty harmonious partnership. “We figured out where we wanted to go. I think we were very complementary towards each other,” says Bos. “I think it started as a great companionship before the collaboration, and it ended in a friendship. I was very proud to stand next to him with what we made.”

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