Which MALE ‘Survivor’ winner are you rooting for in Season 40: Rob Mariano, Ethan Zohn … ? [POLL]

There is plenty of rooting factor going into “Survivor: Winners at War,” in which 20 former champions will face off to determine who is the ultimate “Survivor” winner of them all. The cast includes champs who earned their victory with decency and others who lied, cheated and stole their way to the top. Ethan Zohn, who won all the way back in Season 3, “Africa,” was one of those affable winners who didn’t hurt people’s feelings too much. On the flip side, Season 28 (“Cagayan”) winner Tony Vlachos played a ruthless game, backstabbing friends left and right to claw his way to the end. No matter the strategy, every cast member on “Winners at War” proved successful at the game of “Survivor” and all of them have their fans. So which male “Survivor” winner are you rooting for to take home a second victory in “Winners at War”? Vote in our poll below.

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Some winners represented here had to play the game multiple times to finally win, becoming fan favorites in the process. The iconic Rob Mariano was first seen in Season 4 (“Marquesas”), then returned for Season 8 (“All Stars”) where he played an aggressive game that concluded with him losing at Final Tribal Council, then was voted out early in Season 20 (“Heroes vs. Villains”), only to finally dominate and win on his fourth try in Season 22 (“Redemption Island”).

Then we have Tyson Apostol, who was a quirky character in Season 18 (“Tocantins”), was also voted out early in “Heroes vs. Villains” but then tasted sweet victory with Season 27 (“Blood vs. Water”). Jeremy Collins was struck down at the merge in Season 29 (“San Juan del Sur”) and returned just two seasons later to a win with a cast of returning players in Season 31 (“Cambodia”).

For others, they only needed one try to nab the $1 million grand prize. Yul Kwon, winner of Season 13 (“Cook Islands”) played one of the most cerebral winning games in “Survivor” history and has been considered one of the more likable winners. Adam Klein played from an underdog position throughout Season 33 (“Millennials vs. Gen X”) and had a compelling story about his mother’s battle with cancer at the end. Ben Driebergen also became a bit of an underdog by the end of Season 35 (“Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”), finding idols left and right to stay in the game as his tribemates desperately tried to get him out.

Wendell Holland, on the other hand, was much more cool, calm and collected as he maneuvered his way to the end of Season 36 (“Ghost Island”). The most recent winner represented in “Survivor: Winners at War” is Nick Wilson, who wasn’t always in control on Season 37 (“David vs. Goliath”) but positioned himself well enough to win against the right people in the end. Which of them are YOU rooting for to win?

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