Marcelito Pomoy fans really, really want him to win ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’: He’s ‘very rare among humans’

In the home stretch of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” Season 2, Marcelito Pomoy‘s fans have come out in droves to support their favorite singer on social media. This winner of “Philippines’ Got Talent” has the unique ability to sing in both his falsetto voice and his lower register, creating a truly memorable experience when he performs. He’s “very rare among humans,” raves one devotee (see below). The good news? The “AGT” judges praised Marcelito every time he took the stage this season. The bad news? It’s the superfans who pick the winner … and they already voted months ago.

For his final performance on the reality TV show, Marcelito took on the iconic ballad from “Beauty And The Beast” (watch above). In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty wrote that he gave “an impressive performance that sets him firmly apart from everyone else in the competition.” However, Benutty added that “a few cracks did show in his delivery.” The singer previously performed “Con Te Partiro” in the semi-finals and “The Prayer” in the auditions.

As for the “America’s Got Talent” judges, Heidi Klum readily admitted that Marcelito’s voice “never gets old.” Howie Mandel noted how he’s “making the right choices on the right songs.” Alesha Dixon proclaimed, “You’ve upped your game on the last time we heard you sing.” And Simon Cowell said he’s a “very nice, very talented guy.”

Besides Marcelito, the other 10 “AGT” finalists are a dog act (Alexa Lauenburger), a silly dance group (Boogie Storm), an entertainer (Hans), a shadow dance group (Silhouettes), an acrobatic act (Sandou Trio Russian Bar), a child singer (Angelina Jordan), a violinist (Tyler Butler-Figueroa), a trapeze act (Duo Transcend) and a danger dance group (V.Unbeatable). Find out who prevails when the finale airs February 17 on NBC.

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Marcelito’s supporters from around the world were wowed yet again by his latest performance. Below are just a few of their passionate responses — see the rest in our winner’s poll item.

Efren Ochavo: “It’s talent that we are looking for in this show and Pomoy has gotten one which is very rare among humans.”

Jiji Lalisan: “I want Marcelito Pomoy win tonight, he has an amazing voice. I love it.”

Lydia Tamse: “Yes! He’s a great singer, 2 voices superb!”

Corazon Camangon: “Yes, I agree 100%. I want Marcelito Pomoy win. He is a great singer.”

Juvy: “Yes Marcelito has unique talent and skilled artist, can you imaginable? He has no voice lesson when he started singing so it means he is very talented and ‘AGT’ should proud of him because this one of a kind talent in the whole world.”

Jewrina: “Marcelito Pomoy should win. He is unique. I loved him from his first performance. He maintained his standards.”

LG Herman: “With due respect to all the contestants, I believed that Marcelito Pomoy should take home the crown. He is simply the best!”

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