Marin Hinkle (‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’) on living ‘in the moment’ as Rose Weissman [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“I’m just there with the script, in the moment,” states Marin Hinkle of her work on Amazon’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” The actress plays Rose Weissman on the comedy series, which sees the New York matriarch navigate the changing world of 1960. As Hinkle reveals, moment to moment presence is an essentially for making the dialogue sing. Watch the exclusive video interview above.

While Season 2 brought Rose on a journey to Paris, Season 3 finds her on a less glamorous but no less important excursion: this time to her family’s estate in Providence, Oklahoma. Hinkle jokes that when she first received the script for the episode, she jokingly thought “should I have had a little southern accent all these years?” But she put that aside and instead put her trust in series showrunners Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino. The actress describes them as “so creatively magnificent.” Trusting in their vision and giving in to the script allows Hinkle to explore any and all facets of her character. One day that might be exploring Rose’s Oklahoma trust fund origins, but “tomorrow might be a completely new side of myself.”

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Rose is infamous for having moments of explosive emotion, which result in fantastic monologues for Hinkle to sink her teeth into. One such moment occurs in Oklahoma, when she decides to cut ties with her family (and her trust fund) when they refuse to let her join the board of directors for the family business. “She’s increasingly frustrated that there’s no room for a woman,” explains Hinkle.

The decision to storm out of the room is the result of emotion that bubbles up in the moment. “She doesn’t really think that one through,” notes the actress, who pictures Rose as living out her own Broadway musical in her head during those types of “epiphany moments.” She admits that performing one of those tightly crafted speeches can be a scary task, but she loves the thrill and the “exhaustion” after she’s finished the scene. It’s a satisfied feeling as if one had run a marathon. Hinkle remarks that actors “face a lot of rejection. So when we get something as hard to do as that, it feels exciting to be challenged.”

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Rose continually finds the strength explode at her brother or her boisterous new roommates Shirley (Caroline Aaron) and Moishe (Kevin Pollock), but when it comes to watching her daughter Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) on stage, she still has room for growth. “In a way, she’s less self aware than her daughter is,” admits Hinkle. So despite Rose’s newfound sense of independence, “she still takes herself way too seriously” to see her life lampooned in a stand up comedy act. Midge may not be pleased with her mother’s lack of support, but Hinkle loved the “delicious” drunk scene she got to perform while Rose copes with countless martinis. “You get to see Rose acting very out of character,” gushes Hinkle.

After an extensive career in television, Hinkle earned her first Emmy nomination last year for “Maisel.” She describes feeling blessed to receive that recognition, and to be invited into “a community of people that you’ve been in awe of for years.”

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