Could Natalie double-down on making ‘Survivor’ history? 49% of fans say yes! [POLL RESULTS]

Natalie Anderson and her twin sister, Nadiya, first competed on CBS’ “Amazing Race” in 2012, coming in fourth place. The engaging pair — who referred to each other as “Twinnie” –would also appear on an All-Stars edition of the reality show that aired in 2014, but they became the first team to be eliminated.

Shortly after that, they became the first “Race” contestants to compete on another CBS reality show, “Survivor,” that same year. The season’s “Blood vs. Water” theme meant that loved ones would compete against one another. Nadiya would be eliminated first, while Natalie would go on to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

Natalie was invited back to join 19 other champs for “Survivor’s” 40th season, “Winners at War.” Alas, she was the first to be voted out from the Sele tribe and was left stranded on the Edge of Extinction. She found an idol on the island and decided to sell it to Sandra Diaz-Twine — a smart move, given her rep as the Queen — in exchange for her fire token, a kind of currency that is a new twist this season.

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Then Natalie and Amber Mariano, the second castaway sent to Extinction Island, tried to find a new advantage clue hidden on the island. While Amber walked away, Natalie suddenly realized it might be inside the water well and found it. She chose to sell it for another fire token to Jeremy Collins, who was an allie previously on her first season on the show.

Natalie would then find another advantage after figuring out a clue and sold it to Sarah Lacina on the mainland for her third fire token.

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Basically, Natalie is killing it on the Edge of Extinction in a way that did not happen during the first time the twist was employed. That is why 26% of fans who answered our poll say that the fast-thinking Crossfit trainer has shown the strength, agility and smarts to get back to the game proper and eventually win the season. Another 23% also say she is making all the right moves to be able to rejoin the competition.

Combined, that means that nearly 50% think Natalie can make history by being the second player to win twice after Sandra and also the second winner to come back from the Edge of Extinction and take it all after Chris Underwood returned from the limbo land on Season 38.

But others think there are too many hurdles to overcome, with 11% noting that even with all his idols and immunity challenge wins, Rick Devens couldn’t capitalize on his successful escape from Edge of Extinction. Another 18% say it’s hard to rally support from other players when you are outside the center of the action for so long.

But some of Natalie’s backers — 22% to be exact — say the addition of fire tokens given to her by fellow competitors grateful to buy an advantage might just benefit her if and when she can join in the game again.

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