Natalie Anderson (‘Survivor: Winners at War’) the overwhelming favorite to return from Edge, according to our odds

Natalie Anderson is the richest woman on “Survivor: Winners at War,” at least in terms of fire tokens. Having collected a whopping 14 tokens since being voted out on Day 2, she now has several advantages going into the finale’s big re-entry challenge. As seen in last week’s penultimate episode, she bought three advantages for the upcoming challenge, a jar of peanut butter and a hidden Immunity Idol which she gave to Tyson Apostol just in case he won, having already purchased one for herself earlier. All of these are likely reasons why she is the definitive frontrunner to get back into the game in Wednesday’s “Survivor: Winners at War” finale.

Natalie has 4/9 odds of being the Edge of Extinction returnee, according to Gold Derby’s latest odds. In the opinion of our users, no one else is even close to being in that top position. Tyson is in the no. 2 position with 21/2 odds but it is a distant second. Tyson was the first Edge of Extinction returnee, getting back into the active game at the merge only to be voted out again after surviving only two Tribal Councils. Others in the top five include Wendell Holland, Nick Wilson and Kim Spradlin.

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If Natalie does indeed get back into the game she could do a lot of damage in a season that has largely been dominated by Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina. A player like Natalie knows she has to prove herself in the active game if she wants a chance at winning the season, so it’s likely that she will want to target the power duo. Considering she has a hidden Immunity Idol, she could really have an impact on the endgame, much like she did in her first season, “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.” She is also very physically fit even after all that time on the Edge of Extinction and could win the few remaining Immunity Challenges and find herself in the Final 3 just like that.

Then you consider the bonds she made on the Edge and there’s a real possibility that Natalie does the unthinkable, going from first voted out to the winner of the season. What a remarkable feat this would be, especially when you remember the uniqueness of “San Juan del Sur,” where Natalie’s twin sister Nadiya was the first person voted out. Perhaps with the “Twinnies,” there’s no in between — they either get booted first or go on to win the season. And who says Natalie can’t do both?

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