Sassy Oscar nominations reactions from our movie forums: From the ‘messy’ Jennifer Lopez snub to ‘Little Women’ getting major ‘love’

Gold Derby readers, some of whom are industry insiders who hide behind cyber handles, have been busy all morning discussing the 2020 Oscar nominations in our movie forums. As expected, some users are furious over the many head-scratching snubs (like Jennifer Lopez for “Hustlers”) while others are elated about the pleasant surprises (like “Little Women’s” six nominations).

Over the past 92 years the Oscars have learned that it’s impossible to please everybody, and this year is no exception. Below, see a sampling of comments from our sassy forum posters and then be sure to join the discussion to have YOUR say.

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CitizenBlake: “I’m glad Little Women got its love.”

John Berchmans: “Yay FvF made it into picture! Wish I kept it in my predictions though…”

M: “Oh Bradley Cooper is nominated again for BP”

nevkm: “Told you 9 movies. This year was too crowded for 8 like you thought.”

abelfenty: “The Farewell was ROBBED. Literal daylight robbery.”

chem_x: “I had Todd Phillips last night and swapped him for Lulu Wang of all people. Let me put my clown makeup on.”


Hammad Asif: “DiCaprio gets his 7th nom. Egerton snubbed shockingly. Banderas and Pryce make it in. A good list.”

lady_bird: “Egerton snubbed….. DiCaprio should’ve been the one tf.”

LegendOfMatt: “I’d like to think that in 10 years, we’ll look back and wonder how the phenomenal Uncut Gems was completely shut out”

24fanatic: “The 2 nominations I was most happy about (that weren’t a sure thing) are Antonio Banderas!!!!!!!! and Florence Pugh!!!!!”

Eden: “The Two Popes got two acting nominations + screenplay, but failed to get a BP nomination.”


linecelts: “They snubbed Lupita but happy for Cynthia Erivo! Oscars getting ready to face backlash.”

abelfenty: “Cynthia over Awkwafina and Lupita. I’m about to start swinging.”

David Michael C. Lopez: “Scarlett Johansson will lose twice. Let’s not think about that!”

syrus80: “It wasn’t going to happen but no Alfre Woodard either. The true Best Actress this year.”

24fanatic: “Overall very boring nominations. With the exception of Cynthia Erivo, this is a very white Oscars.”


abelfenty: “Song Kang-ho robbed.”

Leo Grant Logan: “Tom Hanks is back!”

RichardAniston: “got all the supp acting noms right.”

John Berchmans: “God-damnit, they snubbed Song-Kang Ho! This is going to be a very white lineup. Get ready for the backlash.”

LegendOfMatt: “Dafoe and Song should’ve been in damn it.”

LLLhawks: “I can’t believe Anthony Hopkins actually happened. Hahaha.. I’m still sad about Lopez. Hopefully, it’s not OscarsSoWhite because I just have no time for that nonsense.”

DS0816: “The ’90s Are Back: 1991, 1992, and 1993 (and 1994) Best Actor Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, and Tom Hanks are in one category, Best Supporting Actor—with 1990 Best Supporting Actor Joe Pesci—and the favorite is the one who hasn’t yet won for acting, Brad Pitt (first nominated in 1995).”


Lil Tony: “The Jennifer Lopez snub is just messy”

John Berchmans: “Kathy Bates still made it in, damnit! I knew I should have predicted her!”

PoweR: “J. Lo’s done. WOW!”


David Michael C. Lopez: “Margot Robbie will hopefully win and beat Laura Dern!”

Marcus Snowden: “Out of the supporting ladies in Bombshell, I thought Kidman had much more of a chance to be nominated than Robbie.”

Jays: “Also so happy for Pugh, she’s 100% winning an Oscar within the next 5-10 years.”

MrOceanBlueEyes: “My heart breaks for Zhao, she deserved.”

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