We dish the best, worst and OMG moments of the 2020 Oscars

Gold Derby editors and contributors are obsessed with show business awards. They are a sassy bunch who rarely agree on anything, and that’s never been more true than at the 2020 Oscars. This year’s ceremony airs live coast-to-coast Sunday, February 9 on ABC beginning at 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET.

As a refresher, “Joker” lead all films with 11 nominations, followed by 10 bids apiece for “The Irishman,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “1917” and six each for “Jojo Rabbit,” “Little Women,”  “Marriage Story” and “Parasite.”

Follow along as the show unfolds with our musings on the best, worst and OMG moments of the 92nd Academy Awards. Joining our fun live blog are: Chris Beachum, Charles BrightRiley Chow, Lisa DiGiovine, Marcus James Dixon, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Kevin Jacobsen, Jeffrey Kare, Zach Laws, Rob Licuria, Cordell Martin, Daniel Montgomery, Matt Noble, Susan Pennington, Tony Ruiz, and Susan Wloszczyna.

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MARCUS JAMES DIXON: I still can’t believe there’s no host AGAIN this year. What a major bummer. Fingers crossed next year gets back on track.

ZACH LAWS: Gotta say, this is not how I expected the ceremony to start.

ROB LICURIA: Oh no, it’s Snow White and Rob Lowe all over again. Not liking this.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Janelle Monae and Billy Porter opening the Oscars singlehandedly demonstrates why you don’t need an Oscar host. Give me just this as a three-hour concert, please

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Dancing Nazis? Okay!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Let’s hope Snow White isn’t going to show up in this musical opener.

TONY RUIZ: Janelle Monae!!! Billy Porter!!! Queerest Oscar opening number ever!!! And I’m totally here for it.

LISA DIGIOVINE:  JANELLE MONAE—woke up the audience–an opening number with life–go Janelle

KEVIN JACOBSEN: I was the mind behind all of this, thank you so much.

LUCA GILIBERTI: This opening doesn’t make up for the lack of diverse nominees, but damn this is a spectacular performance!

SUSAN PENNINGTON: I love it! It will be remembered!

CORDELL MARTIN: great opening by Janelle Monae!

JEFFREY KARE: Good thing Janelle took a moment to acknowledge the female directors.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Okay, the people in the front row are definitely not on Janelle Monae’s wavelength, but I am fully picking up what she is putting down. Loved the reference to “Midsommar” in the costumes, which the voters in room would’ve gotten if they bothered to watch that movie.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Look two non-hosts that were hosts before looking like they are hosting. Irony is still alive.

JOYCE ENG: Can’t wait for all the “They should’ve hosted” comments.

ZACH LAWS: Would it really have been that difficult to just get Steve Martin and Chris Rock to host? They’re killing it!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I liked some of this opening non-monologue monologue by Chris Rock and Steve Martin, but I don’t think we really needed it. Just get to the awards.

MATT NOBLE: Martin and Rock remind me of why Oscars need a host or two.

CORDELL MARTIN: Great clip montage!

JEFFREY KARE: What an inventive way to highlight the acting nominees!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Brad Pitt – “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Brad, getting political. Cool!

SUSAN PENNINGTON: Suggestion for new Emmy category: Best Speech Giver. Brad Pitt wins hands down!

JEFFREY KARE: Such a great speech from Brad Pitt.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Brad getting weepy! Love it. It means sooo much to him. Good shout-out for stunt actors as well.

LISA DIGIOVINE:  holy fudge, Brad Pitt has never won an Oscar, truly crazy—nice shoutout to Quentin Tarantino and Leo Dicaprio and the stunt crews in his thank yous —Pitt is a gracious gent–yes indeed he became ‘that once upon a time in Hollywood.’

JEFFREY KARE: I’m not sure if we need presenters to introduce other presenters.

RILEY CHOW: Why is there a presenter for the presenter?


JEFFREY KARE: Well, that rare animated sequel ended up winning.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: It’s official, the Oscar curse for sequels still exists … just as long as you’re not “Toy Story”!


KEVIN JACOBSEN: Thrilled for “Hair Love”! Yes, it was the most prominent but this is insanely deserving.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: This show is way more political this year –and I think I like it. “Canadian Elsa is basically the same, but with health care!”

JEFFREY KARE: Josh Gad should host the Oscars someday. He also deserves an Oscar for getting Idina Menzel’s name right.

PERFORMANCE: “Into the Unknown” from “Frozen II” – Idina Menzel

CHRIS BEACHUM: Disney wanted a bunch of their stuff in the first half-hour, between Toy Story 4 and Frozen II.

JOYCE ENG: Really a missed opportunity to not have John Travolta introduce all the Elsas.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Why aren’t the Elsas wearing blue? This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

LISA DIGIOVINE:  The Elsas—loving these belters from all over the world….the power of one musical….and Idina–everyone knows HER NAME NOW! what a voice. It’s like Broadway at the Oscars.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I like the idea of international singers doing “Into the Unknown,” but the cynic in me feels like it’s just Disney covering its bases by promoting its movie to international markets.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: The Disney+ commercial immediately following “Into the Unknown” is not making me any less cynical.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Loved, loved, loved the “Into the Unknown” performance! How great to have an array of Elsas perform; it just shows how universal this story is.

SAM ECKMANN: Thank god Idina was granted an Oscar do-over to showcase her true power without the shadow of “Adele Dazeem” looming. Awesome performance.

JEFFREY KARE: Loved seeing that brief “Catch Me If You Can” reunion between Hanks and DiCaprio.

MATT NOBLE: liked the way they did Frozen. Shows the universal appeal to the song, and was a cool new way to perform a number that has been heard thousands of times by countless parents.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Whose Matrix we’d to reload? Is that sex joke?

LISA DIGIOVINE: Diane Keaton wore her winter plaid–double layers—it’s Hollywood Diane, not the tundra!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves presenting together was kinda awkward, but I kinda also want them to be love interests in a rom-com.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: “Parasite” – Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won

JEFFREY KARE: Could this be the beginning of “Parasite’s” reign tonight?

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: YAY! Go Bong! Someone should interview his translator

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Lots and lots of applause for “Parasite” winning Best Original Screenplay. Does this make Best Picture a done deal?

LUCA GILIBERTI: “Parasite’s” screenplay is the benchmark for original storytelling. It would have been a crime had it not won. What an excellent, inspired choice!

LISA DIGIOVINE: BONG JOON HO–giddy with excitement so much fun to see his joy, loved Parasite, great script!

JEFFREY KARE: Timothée Chalamet should not be presenting an award “Little Women” happens to be nominated in.

JOYCE ENG: Stop pairing presenters with categories in which their film is nominated!!!

CHRIS BEACHUM: Why is Timothee presenting Adapted Screenplay when he is in one of the nominees? And Natalie has major ties to Taika Waititi. Horrible decision, producers!

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: “Jojo Rabbit” – Taika Waititi

LISA DIGIOVINE: really Jo Jo Rabbit best adapted screenplay—I can’t wait for the comedy on Harvey Weinstein’s life story next year….ugh..

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Poor Timothee feels so bad Greta didn’t win. How unfair to put him in that position.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Sad for Greta. It was the epitome of great adaptation.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Sweet. Shia and his co-star from Peanut Butter Falcon.

BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT: “The Neighbors’ Window”

RILEY CHOW: Shia LaBeouf claims to have seen all of the Live Action Short nominees, then refers to the winner as “The Neighbors’ Widow” (not “Window”).

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Always a good idea to bet on the English language film in a short category!

LISA DIGIOVINE: Kristin Wiig is wearing a zipper.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Maya and Kristen, this should be good.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig don’t even need to say anything to make me laugh. Just their facial expressions did the trick.

MATT NOBLE: Two wonderfully innovative winning screenplays. So glad that the quirky and touching “Jojo” is an Oscar-winning film. Waititi’s message for indigenous people was great too.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: They stole Jon Lovitz’s bit – ACTING!

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

LISA DIGIOVINE: Billie Eilish rolled eye look as Kristen and Maya bore the audience, worth the price of admission.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Billie Eilish’s face saying, “I have to follow that medley?”

ROB LICURIA: Thank (insert deity here) for Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. They are the BEST!!!

LISA DIGIOVINE: all I keep thinking is how is Kristen Wiig going to sit down in that dress…..don’t wear that on my flight Kristen.

SAM ECKMANN: Is Billie Eilish making gross faces at Maya and Kristen’s hysterical bit because she’s too young to know any of the songs they’re singing?

MATT NOBLE: Rudolph and Wiig just gave one of the best presenting performances I’ve seen in years. Trying to impress directors with dramatic chops and a costume design melody were both on point. Glad they had two categories. Next year they should present four. Or host.


JEFFREY KARE: Hooray! “Little Women” is an Oscar-winning film!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: And look at that, the only nominee with frilly costumes wins! Never bet against big dresses.

LUCA GILIBERTI: “Little Women” is an Academy Award-winning movie! Thank you!

PERFORMANCE: “I’m Standing with You” from “Breakthrough”

LUCA GILIBERTI: Chrissy Metz went from having 81 cents in her bank account to being an Emmy nominee to performing at the Oscars! Beautiful performance, and boy, what an accomplishment!

JEFFREY KARE: What a heartfelt performance from Chrissy Metz.

TONY RUIZ: Really Oscar Producers? You just shove Chrissy Metz out there without any introduction to the film or the song? Shame!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Diane Warren not jaded at all if she cries through her own song at the Oscars.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I kinda hope Diane Warren wins the Oscar for that song. It’s definitely not the best song she has been nominated for, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of passion around this year’s nominees for Best Song, so they should just give it to her already.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Ah, Roger and Chaz!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I got choked up a bit watching that brief clip of “Life Itself.” I still find myself watching movies and wishing I could know what Roger Ebert would have thought of them.


SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Does that mean the Obamas have an Oscar now!

CHRIS BEACHUM: Certainly not. They’ve got an Oscar as much as Al Gore does. Which is not at all.

LISA DIGIOVINE: although at times interesting American Factory was long and boring–the filmmakers are an interesting pair and sadly she is dying of cancer—so congrats to both despite my interest.

JEFFREY KARE: Having been born and raised in Ohio, I really appreciated that shoutout to the Buckeyes.

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT: “Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)”

KEVIN JACOBSEN: This supports my theory that the doc short with the best title always wins!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I LOVE these clips of the acting nominees. I hope they don’t stop showing them later in the night when they’re inevitably running out of time.

MATT NOBLE: The Supporting Actress montage reminded me of how great all these performances were. I would have found it hard to vote for a winner here.

JOYCE ENG: That montage would’ve been 290 percent better with J.Lo.

MATT NOBLE: Yeah Joyce. To be fair room could have been found for J-Lo (Kathy Bates anyone) and it would have made it an even more loaded field.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Laura Dern – “Marriage Story”

JEFFREY KARE: Very happy to see that Laura Dern is now an Oscar winner.

LISA DIGIOVINE: Laura Dern, the gracious amazon actress…who came with her mom and two kids, and took a moment to honor them all…true talent doesn’t forget their family.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: What a beautiful moment with Laura and her mom. Even Noah B shed a tear. This show is way emotional this year.

ROB LICURIA: Supporting Actress was such a strong category, and that was even without JLo, who should’ve won!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: At least they integrated her hot pole skills on stage at the Super Bowl.

LUCA GILIBERTI: She is now finally Oscar winner Laura Dern! What a beautiful, heartfelt and poignant speech. Laura ascends the podium with such tranquility and elegance, thoroughly delivering beautifully constructed speeches. After such an amazing career, she deserved this. Renata Klein would be proud.

CORDELL MARTIN: Must be nice to have an Oscar as a birthday gift!

SUSAN PENNINGTON: Beautiful speech from Laura Dern – love that her mom is there with her!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: We live in a world where Laura Dern, Regina King, Allison Janney and Viola Davis all have Oscars. Best Supporting Actress is a damn fine category!

PERFORMANCE: “Lose Yourself” – Eminem

ROB LICURIA: Yessssssss “Lose Yourself” is the best Original Song winner ever! But I’m not sure why we’re using up precious time real estate on this performance! But I’ll take it!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: I love “Lose Yourself,” one of the best Best Song winners of the 21st century, but why do we need a performance of it at the 2020 Oscars? It’s not even a particularly significant anniversary.

ZACH LAWS: Other things to add to my list of moments I didn’t expect at this year’s Oscars: clips from “Deliverance” and a performance by Eminem.

JEFFREY KARE: I certainly did not expect Eminem to pop up and perform.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Especially when they have to censor the lyrics.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Okay, the random Eminem performance is almost worth it for the audience reactions (Gal Gadot and Kelly Marie Tran getting down! Martin Scorsese very confused)

CHRIS BEACHUM: He didn’t show up to perform or accept his Oscar years ago, so this was a big surprise!

LISA DIGIOVINE: Eminem on the Oscars with an old tune, he killed it, just not sure why he was there.

JOYCE ENG: That came out of nowhere and I’m not mad about it at all since he didn’t attend/perform when he won in 2003.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Eminem’s performance was great … at least, the many parts that weren’t bleeped.

RILEY CHOW: How was there no explanation (even tenuous) given for the Eminem performance? At least mention that he did not perform it when he won because he did not attend, so he was making up for that.

BEST SOUND EDITING: “Ford v Ferrari”

JEFFREY KARE: Oscar Isaac should not be presenting an award “Star Wars” happens to be nominated in.

RILEY CHOW: “1917” cannot even win Sound Editing.


RILEY CHOW: I wonder if “Ford v Ferrari” can take “Parasite” down a peg too with the other Editing category.

MATT NOBLE: So 7 Best Picture nominees have already won Oscars.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Wow Matt, that’s a great point! Only “The Irishman” and “Joker” have yet to win among the Best Pic nominees as of the halfway point.

SAM ECKMANN: A final Oscar send off for 20th Century Fox. Glad the Sound categories didn’t go to the same film this year.

PERFORMANCE: “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” from “Toy Story 4” – Randy Newman

CHRIS BEACHUM: This has been an amazingly produced, well-paced, thoughtful, fun show so far. Maybe the best presentation in the past 5-6 years. My only quibble is sending out a presenter for a few seconds to introduce another presenter. That makes absolutely no sense. And yet some songs have no presenters at all.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Ironically “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” is one of the most throwaway songs ever nominated for Best Original Song.

LISA DIGIOVINE: Oscar so musical—Malone, Eminem, Idina and the Elsas and now Randy Newman, YES.

CHRIS BEACHUM: Poor Irishman, since we know Joker is getting one.

SUSAN PENNINGTON: With a year of so many outstanding films, it’s fitting that they are spreading the love. So many deserving nominees!

RILEY CHOW: Best Sound Editing is the first upset of the night per Gold Derby’s odds.

JOYCE ENG: The Oscars are feeling very guilty for being so white.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: I’ve said for years and years I want JLD to host an awards show, and this just proves why.

ROB LICURIA: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the QUEEN!!!


LUCA GILIBERTI: Roger Deakins is the best director of photography of all time, for me. His work in “1917” was sublime!

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: They haven’t been cutting off speeches – which is great!

CHRIS BEACHUM: A couple of them needed to be cut off.

BEST FILM EDITING: “Ford v Ferrari”

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: I approve that Spartacus shoutout!

LISA DIGIOVINE: Rare that the orchestra is in the pit for the Oscars–they are usually in a studio across the street.

PERFORMANCE: “Stand Up” from “Harriet” – Cynthia Erivo

ROB LICURIA: Let’s be honest – this “Harriet” song deserves to win Best Original Song.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Why does Cynthia get a special introduction, but not Chrissy or Randy? Just be consistent, producers!

LISA DIGIOVINE: Cynthia Erivo magnificent—SHE MUST WIN.

JEFFREY KARE: When it comes to live musical performances, Cynthia Erivo always knows how to bring down the house!

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Miss Cynthia Erivo just showed the other girls how it’s done. Masterful vocal.

CORDELL MARTIN: Great performance by Cynthia Erivo. Just wished Harriet was a better movie.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: If Cynthia Erivo had given that performance before Oscar voting started, she’d DEFINITELY be winning.

JEFFREY KARE: A little “Cats” reunion.

JOYCE ENG: Cats made it to the Oscars after all.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Okay, James Corden and Rebel Wilson making fun of their own “Cats” FX in “Cats” costumes was pretty great.


SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: Cute “Cats” bit – Universal at least has a sense of humor.

LISA DIGIOVINE: “As cast members of cats, no one but us understands the importance of good visual effects”—just fell off the couch laughing at James Cordon and Rebel Wilson presented.

SUSAN WLOSZCZYNA: If they wore those costumes it would have been better.


LISA DIGIOVINE: Bombshell won for best MU–they did an amazing job especially on Charlize Theron who had her nose stuffed, her eyelids redone, and her chin made to look like Meg what’s her name–they were magnificent.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: That’s three years in a row of Best Makeup going to films with actors being transformed with prosthetics into real people. Take note for next year!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Good look, Oscars, awarding a movie about sexual harassment and then playing off the two female winners before they get a chance to say a single word.

JEFFREY KARE: Penelope Cruz should not be presenting an award “Pain and Glory” happens to be nominated in.


TONY RUIZ: Rousing reaction to “Parasite” winning International Film; I have to wonder if there will be a muted response if it doesn’t win Best Picture.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: No intro for Elton either. So strange!

CHRIS BEACHUM: And yet Beanie Feldstein came out to introduce somebody and she said less than Anna Paquin did in The Irishman.

PERFORMANCE: “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from “Rocketman” – Elton John

RILEY CHOW: They did not stand for Elton John after standing for Cynthia Erivo (and Eminem).

TONY RUIZ: Does anyone else feel like this ceremony is just going through the motions? I think we need a host again.

CHRIS BEACHUM: It’s truly been one of the best ceremonies I’ve seen this decade!

JEFFREY KARE: Very interesting trio (Brie Larson, Gal Gadot and Sigourney Weaver).

CHRIS BEACHUM: That’s a very big deal to have a female conductor for the first time. So why relegate her to conducting one performance rather than the whole ceremony?

LISA DIGIOVINE: Beautifully directed best music segment panning the scores to each movie—just wonderful and so nice to have the orchestra in house!


JEFFREY KARE: Now all Best Picture nominees but one have taken home a piece of hardware tonight.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: I love this special tribute to all of the nominated scores. I wish all of the crafts got the same kind of attention. Why not bring out the costumes and let us gawk at them? Why not actually present examples of the differences between sound mixing and sound editing?

LUCA GILIBERTI: Hildur getting a standing ovation was beautiful to see! Her score is phenomenal. Hollywood, please employ more female composers!!

BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from “Rocketman”

JEFFREY KARE: Alright, “Rocketman” is now an Oscar-winning film!

LISA DIGIOVINE: Sir Elton couldn’t afford two shoes in the same color? Congrats anyway…but Cynthia had the best song…just sayin’.

BEST DIRECTOR: Bong Joon-ho – “Parasite”

JEFFREY KARE: Whoa! What a shocker!


TONY RUIZ: Oh my lord!!!! So much for what many of us thought was the lock of the evening!

ROB LICURIA: Bong Joon Ho!!! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: The Oscars single-handedly redeemed for that moment.

ZACH LAWS: Oh my god Bong Joon Ho won! Holy crap! And he’s giving shout outs to all of the other directors!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Last year “Roma” won international film and director but couldn’t break the glass ceiling for foreign language movies by winning Best Picture. Can “Parasite”? We’ll find out in about 20 minutes!

LUCA GILIBERTI: This is the best moment. EVER. Well deserved, Bong Joon Ho!


JEFFREY KARE: I thought that was quite a moving In Memoriam segment.

LISA DIGIOVINE: Billie Eilish with nails as long as her fingers, sang the sheet out of ‘Yesterday’–beautiful, simply beautiful.

SUSAN PENNINGTON: Olivia Colman is hilarious! I love her!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Invite Olivia Colman to present every Oscar every year.

BEST ACTOR: Joaquin Phoenix – “Joker”

LISA DIGIOVINE: Joaquin Phoenix on stage self-therapy at the Oscars, not sure what to make of it.

LUCA GILIBERTI: Wow Joaquin Phoenix. Stunning, heartwarming speech for a very, very deserving win! “Joker” may have been so-so, but he was above and beyond.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON: Renee has to follow THAT speech from Joaquin? Yikes.

BEST ACTRESS: Renée Zellweger – “Judy”

JEFFREY KARE: Freddie Mercury presents the Oscar to Judy Garland? How poetic.

KEVIN JACOBSEN: Pretty remarkable for Renee to march to a second Oscar so easily after all these years.

BEST PICTURE: “Parasite”

JEFFREY KARE: Congratulations “Parasite,” you’ve just made history!


LISA DIGIOVINE: my favorite film Parasite did it—4 Oscars—well deserved–best story, best film—-and the audience went wild.

TONY RUIZ: Ladies and Gentlemen…History has been made and it may be the most popular Best Picture Winner of the Decade.

JOYCE ENG: Like I said, Parasite is the Fleabag of the Oscars.

LISA DIGIOVINE: OSCAR AUDIENCE GOES WILD….They turned OUT THE LIGHTS on the thank yous for Parasite…they finally got to speak…keep those lights on ACADEMY.

LUCA GILIBERTI: What a way to end this already great evening. “Parasite” is unlike anything I’ve seen in terms of quality as well as buzz; if any movie was going to break the foreign language film stigma in Best Picture, then this one. It’s a movie for the ages!

CORDELL MARTIN: This definitely ranks as one of my favorite Oscar ceremonies. Big props to the producers of the show!

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