Oscars 2020 slugfest: Our contributors react to the nominations for ‘1917,’ ‘Irishman,’ ‘Joker,’ ‘Parasite,’ ‘Hollywood’ and more [WATCH]

“There’s just an overabundance of ‘1917’ and ‘…Hollywood’ and ‘Irishman’ and ‘Joker’ in all of these categories,” Kevin Jacobsen remarks to me and our fellow Gold Derby contributors Luca Giliberti and Tony Ruiz in a slugfest after Monday’s Oscar nominations announcement (watch the video above). He elaborates, “It’s interesting seeing all of the nominations for all of those four films I mentioned, all of them getting at least 10 nominations and that comes from a shorter voting window overall — that people weren’t really getting to the smaller films.”

I concur, “Every year, we learn anew not to underestimate the films that are doing very well overall. The films that are at the top of the Best Picture list will just continue to do well.” “Joker” surprised with nominations for its costumes and sound, but even the expected nomination for its make-up speaks to its prowess, with the category normally featuring heavy prosthetic work that transforms actors into fantastical creatures or historical figures as opposed to most memorably using “just the face paint that every clown puts on.”

Moving the conversation into cheerier territory, I note about the nomination announcers, “John Cho and especially Issa Rae were perfect! They didn’t complain about how early it was and they had pleasant banter and I love that they pronounced all of the names correctly.” Jacobsen calls the pairing “one of the best of the decade,” but laments that images of films and nominees were absent from the presentation. Ruiz ponders about the logistics, “Their backs were to where an audience would be, so who was clapping? Was it just somebody pressing a ‘clap’ button?”

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