Oxygen electrified the ‘World of Dance’ judges during the finals, but was it worth a million dollars? [WATCH]

Oxygen went through a lot to get to the “World of Danceseason finale. They were the only finalists who had to fight their way back after being eliminated during the Duels. But that gave them the opportunity to make the show’s biggest comeback yet. Were they able to get the ultimate redemption in the form of the $1 million grand prize? Watch their routine above.

The Dutch urban dance team had the unenviable task of performing first. They made sure to bring back the signature formations that made them such standouts from the very beginning of the competition, and they added a kind of electrified mad scientist vibe that made good use of the size and lighting effects of the stage.

Ne-Yo thought it was “dope” with “super clean lines, beautiful pictures, everything I’ve come to expect from you guys.” He especially loved the hand formations at the start of their performance, which hearkened back to their indelible Qualifiers dance. Lopez agreed that “the beginning of the routine was so incredibly strong.” Hough appreciated their attention to detail: he “saw the extra hours” that they put in after taking the judges’ notes about their choreography.

However, Lopez thought “the ending still fell a little bit flat,” and Ne-Yo was disappointed that they didn’t make more use of the pod their lead dancer emerged from at the start of the routine. They ended up scoring 91 from Lopez and 94s from Ne-Yo and Hough, giving them an average score of 93.0. That was an impressive bar to set at the beginning of the night, but it was also a lower score than any of the four finalists had received during the previous round of the competition, so the door was wide open.

And MDC 3 walked right through it. The teenage contemporary dancers scored 95.7 right after Oxygen, and that number held up for the rest of the night, making MDC 3 the champions of season four. Did you agree with that result, or was Oxygen underappreciated?

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