85-year-old Paddy gets thrown around the ‘AGT: The Champions’ stage: ‘I never saw that coming!’ shouts Terry Crews [WATCH]

America’s Got Talent: The Champions” host Terry Crews summed up the performance of Paddy and Nicko in the season premiere in five perfect words: “I never saw that coming!” The last time 85-year-old Paddy and 45-year-old Nicko took the stage was in the semifinals of “France’s Got Talent” 2016, but they’ve continued dancing in the years since. All four judges — Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Alesha Dixon and Howie Mandel — were up on their feet at the conclusion of their dance routine, which included Nicko tossing Paddy around the stage, between his legs and up in the air like a rag doll. Watch the “AGT” video above.”

“First of all, I see that you like younger men just like me,” Heidi smiled when it was her turn to critique the performance. “That was incredible. I was like, this is not happening, he’s gonna drop her through the legs.”

Paddy interjected to explain how Nicko has “never” dropped her even once. “No, no, no, don’t jinx it!” shouted Howie from the judges’ panel.

Alesha recalled the first time she saw Paddy and Nicko perform, saying, “My jaw was on the floor. It just blows my mind every single time. So much fun, so inspiring. [You’re] proving to people it’s never too late to do what you love.”

“I absolutely adore you too,” added Simon before joking, “Nicko, you’ve slowed down a bit, what happened?”

Backstage, Terry told Paddy and Nicko, “Hopefully the superfans from all 50 states will vote you into the semifinals tonight.” Unfortunately, the superfans voted for magician Dania Diaz and aerialists Duo Transcend instead, so the dance duo was eliminated from the competition.

In our recent interview with Paddy and Nicko, they told us, “It’s a great experience and good to be here.” Because of Paddy’s age it’s hard for them to work on their act over continuous hours, but after dancing together for 16 years they’ve found a routine that works for them. “Nicko is extremely considerate, so that’s the main thing,” notes Paddy.

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