2020 Oscars calendar: PGA Awards on January 18, final voting starts Jan. 30

The Producers Guild of America holds its annual PGA Awards on January 19. Unlike the academy, the guild has stuck with a set roster of 10 nominees for Best Picture since 2009. That leeway has helped it maintain a staggering success rate at previewing the eventual roster of Oscar contenders: the guild has predicted 79 of the 90 (i.e., 88%) of the Best Picture nominees over the past decade

Both groups do use the same system of voting to decide their respective Best Picture winner. By opting for a preferential ballot, the PGA has an outstanding track record at previewing the eventual Oscar winner. The guild and the academy have agreed on 21 of the most recent 30 Best Picture champs, including last year’s double dipper “Green Book.”

All of the key dates on the Oscars calendar are detailed below. Winners events are in gold while nomination announcements are italicized.

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Jan. 16 – PGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 17 – ACE Awards
Jan. 17 – CDG Awards: Final Voting Closes
Jan. 17 – SAG Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 18 – PGA Awards

Jan. 19 – MPSE Awards
Jan. 19 – SAG Awards

Jan. 21 – ASC Awards: Final Voting Closes
Jan. 21 – WGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 24 – DGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 25 – Annie Awards
Jan. 25 – ASC Awards
Jan. 25 – CAS Awards
Jan. 25 – DGA Awards

Jan. 28 –  CDG Awards

Jan. 29 – VES Awards
Jan. 29 – BAFTA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 30 – Oscars: Final Voting Opens
Jan. 30 – ADG Awards: Final Voting Closes

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Feb. 1 – ADG Awards
Feb. 1 – WGA Awards

Feb. 2 – BAFTA Awards

Feb. 4 – Oscars: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 8 – Independent Spirit Awards

Feb. 9 – Oscars

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