‘Pose’ costume designers Analucia McGorty and Lou Eyrich on dressing Billy Porter, Patti LuPone [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Costume designers Analucia McGorty and Lou Eyrich adjusted to a new dynamic heading into Season 2 of “Pose.” While they were both designers on the FX drama’s first season, Eyrich was only credited as a producer for Season 2, though before the season she still prepped extensively with McGorty, who stepped into a sole leadership position for the costume department. “There was a big arc and change from what we had done in Season 1 time-wise, so Ana did great tone boards which then we run by Ryan [Murphy] because Ryan is very hands-on,” Eyrich says, joining McGorty in an exclusive new interview for Gold Derby. “I print them in L.A., I get them to Ryan, Ryan goes through all those notes and then I transfer all those notes to Ana and Ana started the process of collaborating with the actors.” Watch the full video interview with Eyrich and McGorty above.

With a series like “Pose” that features costumes at the forefront, McGorty had a lot on her plate for Season 2, with looks inspired by Marie Antoinette, Diana Ross, Madonna and other fashion icons. The nature of television prevented McGorty from designing each and every costume worn on the show, even if she wanted to. “We really design and create and make very special pieces,” McGorty explains. “There will be a category described or Ryan will talk about, ‘I really want the actor to be able to do this in a scene and this is the palette that I’m looking for.’”  It can be difficult for McGorty to also honor the time period of the late ’80s and early ’90s while also acknowledging the memories of those who lived through that era. “Everybody has an imprint of the period in their heads either from when they were younger or seeing pictures of their family when they were younger or television and movies from the decade,” she notes, “so vintage and making sure those designers that were very loud and big in those time periods is important to the storyline.

McGorty also got to style some fashion icons in the show’s own cast, like Billy Porter, who stars as Pray Tell, and special guest star Patti LuPone, who plays Frederica. McGorty describes Porter as the most fun to design for, especially Pray Tell’s Diana Ross-inspired look in the finale where he struggles to walk in heels “I think probably the funniest parts of the fittings and even the rehearsals was Billy trying to pretend like he didn’t know how to walk in heels,” McGorty laughs, of the star who won a Tony for his great heel work in “Kinky Boots.” “We gave him heels that were wobbly on purpose to act like he couldn’t walk because he’s so good.” She also fondly looks back on collaborating with LuPone, who we often see dressed to the nines in glamorous coats. “It was a beautiful connection between Ryan Murphy’s vision of her, the true story inspired by that character, and Patti herself, and being able to put all that together in all Escada was one of the great moments of my very young career,” McGorty reminisces. “”It was really glorious.”

Speaking of glorious, the two ladies were nominated at the Emmys last year for their work on Season 1 of “Pose.” It was McGorty’s first time at the Emmys, and for Eyrich it was the latest in a long line of nominations and wins from TV academy. Even still it was particularly special for Eyrich to earn recognition for “Pose” because of the story it tells. “When we were making the first season of ‘Pose,’ we were all doing it for the first time in that storytelling, and that alone made it special but I always felt we were a little bit like the little engine that could,” Eyrich describes, “so to remember that process and then getting it up and running and that first ball, it just was so exciting.”

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