‘Project Runway After Show’ recap: Hear booted designer Delvin McCray’s jawdropper prediction of his future [WATCH VIDEO]

The minute I saw designer Delvin McCray‘s face when he learned that the challenge on episode 10 of the 18th season of “Project Runway” involved creating a tie-dyed fabric, I voted him the most likely to be saying bye-bye this week.

You could tell he just wasn’t into squishing wet fabric with starburst colored splotches on it and the unremarkable dress he created said it all. This is a guy who insists on wearing a white atleier coat that he meticulously irons each week before competing. A retro hippie art project? No way.

The good news is that is that his situation made for a fairly amusing after show hosted by mentor Christian Siriano. As the Season 4 champ perfectly summarized in his intro, “This week, it was Dr. Delvin’s time to go. Diagnosis: Tye-dye avoid fever, oh my God! That’s so dumb. Whatever. This sewing speed demon often played it safe and had a thing for finishing early, but he still came close to winning twice. But he also came close to going home twice.”

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But Christian also observes, “It’s not like the judges weren’t feeling him.” Cue clip of Elaine Welteroth gushing over one of his designs, “I have a crush on you because of this.” But as anyone who has watched “Project Runway” regularly knows, when there is just a handful of contestants left, their talent is usually top tier, “playing it safe can be deadly.”

When Delvin joins Christian for his chit-chat segment, the host zeroes in on a necklace he is wearing. “I got it from a rock shop in Brooklyn.” He says it is rare and it helps with creativity and protects you from poverty.” Christian then takes a sip of his beverage and asks Delvin if he thinks it wards off poverty. Delvin says, “I hope so,” as he takes a big sip.

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Enough of the niceties. Christian goes what where it hurts. “How are you feeling about being eliminated?” Replies Delvin, “I’ll be the Jennifer Hudson of this season.” WOW! Christian sort of digs that response involving the “American Idol” contestant who would go on to win an Oscar and have a fabulous acting and singing career in spite of being cut from the show. The guy going bye-bye says, “I have so much to show.”

Christian gets into the fact that tie-dye really wasn’t his bag. He compliments how he managed the technique of the pattern he made but notes that he “lost steam a little bit.” Delvin says, “I don’t think I should have been eliminated. If I knew what was passable, I could have wrapped a piece of fabric around it (referring to Nancy Volpe-Berenger‘s look and her signature pants) and tacked it on model or repeating a silhouette seven times.”

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Christian sort of agrees with him, but he notes the button flap on the front of Delvin’s design did have issues — something the designer agrees with. The mentor then tells him with a laugh that guest judge and comedian Leslie Jones declared that his garment’s buttons “belonged on a brown coat with a dog, like the inspector dog?”

The mentor needles him some more, telling Delvin, “This is the most you’ve ever talked in the history of the whole show.” The designer then asks Christian what his impression of him is. “You’re very calm, cool and collected. Well, you don’t say much.” He goes in deeper about how Delvin often played it safe and finished early. We also get to see a montage of him napping in the workroom.

After all that, Delvin takes a big gulp of his cocktail and then divulges his preferred adult beverage. But before Mr. White Coat says farewell, he reveals who he thinks will win the season. His pick might just shock you because it does Christian. Watch the video above to learn who he is backing and also watch as the pair play a game together.

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