Who will be eliminated right before the ‘Project Runway’ Fashion Week finale? Our odds say it’ll be …

The “Project Runway” judges were feeling merciful at the end of “Olympic Game Plan” so they didn’t eliminate anyone. They weren’t fans of all the designers’ looks, but the designers made their athletes clients happy, so they all got a stay of execution. The celebration was short-lived, though, when the designers realized that that meant two of them would probably be eliminated from the next challenge instead of just one. So who will it be?

“Runway” fans have given us their predictions for this week’s show and, perhaps surprisingly, they think the two designers most likely to be ousted are the only two who got high scores in the “Olympic” challenge: winner Nancy Volpe-Beringer and runner-up Victoria Cocieru. As of this writing our readers are a little more confident about Cocieru’s elimination, giving her leading odds of 13/5, followed closely by Volpe-Beringer with 14/5.

Tonight’s show is an avant garde challenge that will require the designers to think outside the box. That may be a challenge for Volpe-Beringer, whose designs so far have been consistent but arguably not as innovative as her competitors’. Meanwhile, Cocieru is plenty innovative, but she may not have more up her sleeve than variations of the one or two ideas she’s already shown the judges multiple times already.

It’s all about who the judges will want to see a full collection from during Fashion Week. After being indomitable in the early weeks of the competition, Cocieru began to struggle, landing at the bottom three times in the last five challenges. Volpe-Beringer has only gotten two low scores all season, fewer than any other designer, but those low scores also occurred in the last five challenges.

But it’s hard to know for sure what the judges will do. All six remaining designers have won challenges. All six have been on the verge of elimination — and two of them actually have been eliminated. It’s still anyone’s game.

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