72% of ‘Project Runway’ fans were giddy over Victoria’s explosive putdown of Sergio’s skills [POLL RESULTS]

Last week’s episode of “Project Runway” got personal when the designers were tasked to make a design that somehow reflected their heritage. They were given a tablet to supposedly use for research — and, lo and behold, soon a member of their family popped up on the screen to provide help on the matter.

That led to some interesting interactions with loved ones. Devlin McCray, who managed to be in the bottom three partly because he thrown off after only just learning from his mother that his father, who died when he was 2, was partly Latino. But he might have also been rattled after his mom observed: “Looks like you need a haircut.”

That was just one of the remarks that made this sixth episode quite entertaining. In fact, in our survey of quotes heard during this challenge, Delvin’s mom was picked by 10% of voters as their favorite.

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As for designer Geoffrey Mac‘s mom, she seemed befuddled if not flumoxed by the technology she was using to communicate with her son. When Geoffrey excitedly shared the news that he won last week’s Cyndi Lauper challenge, all she could do was complain she wasn’t hearing him, declaring, “Terrible connection.” A total of 4% of fans thought that  maternal disconnect was a hoot.

Then there was Sergio Guadarrama‘s rejection of mentor Christian Siriano‘s request to see what he was working on. His dismissive response of “Um … I’m good” got 10% backing. As for guest judge Fernando Garcia‘s humble bragging about graduating from Notre Dame while going nuts for Chelsey Carter‘s varsity jacket-inspired outfit — “I love anything collegiate” — that remark got 4% of the vote.

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But nothing could compare to Victoria Cocieru‘s putdown of Sergio in a on-camera confessional, a moment that won by a landslide of 72% of the votes. The Moldovan native is the favorite so far of the judges, who have granted Victoria more high scores for her output than the rest of the designers. She was asked who was her main competition. Her reply: Geoffrey, Brittany (Allen) and Delvin.” When asked, “What about Sergio,” she quickly said, “Nooo! Of course not.”

We can only hope that Sergio isn’t cut anytime soon so the presence of His Arrogance continues to inspire such glorious jaw-dropping verbal moments like this one.

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