‘Project Runway’ video recap: Delvin was fit to be tied while Victoria dyed in vain [WATCH]

As is usually the case with every competitive reality TV show, there comes a time when the pool of players are all equally talented but in their own way. That certainly was the case on the most recent episode of “Project Runway” when the seven remaining designers put their mark on the art of tie-dye fabrics.

The one-day challenge required a sleepover — or a non-sleepover in most cases — as they worked through the night so that the textiles each made would be able to dry before they could run them through their Brothers sewing machines.

Gold Derby senior editors Daniel Montgomery and Susan Wloszczyna have some thoughts about the outcome as usual. Given the circumstances and the general lack of tie-dye know-how despite being tutored on the technique by experts, Daniel feared that the runway would turn out to be a “disaster show, but it was actually mostly good … except for two looks. That meant only two people were on the bottom this week  — Victoria Cocieru, who is getting used to being there,  and Delvin McCray, who no longer has to get used to being there because he was eliminated.”

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Susan had an inkling that Delvin wasn’t all that keen on having to learn this throwback technique to the ’60s after she saw the face he made when he heard the words “tie-dye” uttered. “I knew it was going to be a struggle for him to get enthusiastic about this. However, I will say he did manage to make a pretty good design out of it even if, as Brittany Allen said, ‘No one’s taking notes.’ ” Except for her, that is. Then there was Moldova’s own Victoria looking around at everyone as if asking, “What’s a tie-dye?”

Susan liked Nancy Volpe-Berenger‘s eventual design on her fabric while it seemed Geoffrey Mac‘s initially looked like a dark diasaster. But somehow magically it became more golden as it dried. She also tattles on Delvin’s disparaging comments about Nancy’s design on the “Project Runway After Show,” when he picked on her for wrapping a top around her model since she didn’t have time to do more.

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Both Susan and Daniel both note, however, that Nancy will not get away with doing a variation of her “cool pants” again. And both of the editors agree that Geoffrey deserved the win for his very chic gown that guest judge and funny lady Leslie Jones went ga-ga for. “It looked so sophisticated,” says Daniel. “It didn’t look like the Delvin tie-dye, which had the big red and yellow starburst thing,” which was pretty basic.

Then there was Victoria — half her outfit was denim with splashes of tie-dye schmutz on it. “She really didn’t give a darn again and it looked like curtain rods from Carol Burnett,” Susan said. Daniel’s response? “I will say, apart from the pea soup-like poo, I liked the pants.”

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Susan then reminds Daniel about what judge Brandon Maxwell cringingly declared “a denim diaper” that was part of her outfit. Both editors agree that basically Victoria is getting away with murder with her sometimes so-so output. Says Daniel: “This was the third time she has had clearly the worst look … and she’s been saved. When she goes wrong, she goes really wrong. I think the judges give her credit for making an effort although they shouldn’t have.”

Both editors think that Nancy desperately needs to step up her game majorly since she is the only designer left who hasn’t won a challenge. And speaking of challenges, next week involves making unique victory dresses for non-model clients — namely Olympic and Paralympic athletes.”That scares me,” says Susan, “because it is about real people. And that always takes a turn because they want to do their thing and it’s down to the wire now. It’s getting very close to the end. But then you have to please the client and there’s this push and pull. I want them to be sensitive about it.”

Listen to who Daniel and Susan think will have the hardest time with dealing with a non-model and see if you agree.

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