‘I’m retiring from the game’: Will you miss Queen Sandra on ‘Survivor’? [POLL]

Love her or hate her, Sandra Diaz-Twine is one of the most well-known people to ever play the game of “Survivor.” During the third episode of “Winners at War,” the self-appointed queen made this startling announcement: “Here I am for the fifth time, and once this is over I’m retiring from the game. So this season I’m going to switch gears. I want to prove my word to this tribe.” Will you miss Queen Sandra on “Survivor”? Vote in our poll below.

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Sandra’s first season was “Pearl Islands” (Season 7), which she won with a 6-1 jury vote over Lillian Morris thanks in part to her “anybody but me” strategy. The queen returned in “Heroes vs. Villains” (Season 20) as part of the villains tribe, ultimately defeating Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz by a 6–3–0 jury vote. That’s the moment Sandra became the first, and so far only, two-time winner in “Survivor” history.

In “Game Changers” (Season 34), Sandra felt the sting of defeat for the first time when she was eliminated prior to the merge, mostly because her tribe lost five of the first six immunity challenges. Producers asked her back to serve as a mentor in “Island of the Idols” (Season 39) alongside Rob Mariano. Months later, both of them returned to compete in “Winners at War” (Season 40), where they are now hoping to win the record-high $2 million grand prize.

So far this season, Sandra has only been to tribal council once — a stark difference from her experience on “Game Changers.” At tribal council Sandra voted with the majority of the tribe to send Amber Mariano to the Edge of Extinction thanks in part to Amber’s “poker alliance” with Tyson Apostol and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe. However, in the episodes that have aired since, several tribe members have expressed interest in voting out Sandra the next time they lose a challenge.

The only problem? Sandra has a hidden immunity idol nobody else knows about. Back in the season premiere, Natalie Anderson was voted out and sent to Extinction Island, where she was presented with the opportunity to sell an idol to a member of the losing tribe for one fire token. Natalie chose Sandra, who quickly accepted the offer. While Sandra has yet to tell anybody about her idol, the question remains, will she end up using it correctly?

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