Are Rob and Sandra destined to be casualites of ‘Survivor: Winners at War’? 37% say no way either can win [POLL RESULTS]

Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine are supposed to be the best of the best of “Survivor” champs. Rob has now appeared on the long-running CBS reality show six times, including being a mentor along with Sandra on “Island of the Idols” earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Queen has been on five seasons and remains the only castaway won the title of Sole Survivor twice.

You would think that now they are enmeshed in a season where all 20 players have won the game previously, they would be careful to not cause anyone to have a reason to vote them out. But both Rob and Sandra aren’t exactly making all the right moves.

Consider how Rob insists on taking a key role in physical team challenges despite the fact that he has failed to solve a puzzle twice now and couldn’t throw a rope over a tower that had to be climbed over by his tribe mates. He tried to laugh it off at camp but it is getting somewhat embarrassing. He also didn’t help matters when he went into bully mode and insisted the blue Sele members open their bags at tribal council to prove if anyone had an immunity idol in their possession.

Meanwhile, Sandra has been able to be relatively safe since her red Dakal tribe has had to only vote one person out and a notable one at that — Rob’s wife Amber Mariano, who is currently stranded on the Edge of Extinction.

Yes, Sandra did show her teammates how to catch fish in a net and ended up providing sustenance to her tribe mates. But she is getting in the habit of sitting out every other physical challenge. The Queen is allowed to do that, but it makes her seem weak. The good news is that she bought an immunity idol with her fire token — a kind of currency — that won’t expire for three tribal councils.

But even though Sandra seems to be in a better place right now than Rob, 37% of “Survivor” fans say neither one has much of a chance of winning once more players are voted out.

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As for their gameplay so far, 20% say Rob really needs to let others on his tribe to take charge in challenges and should stay away from puzzles since it makes him appear to be weak. As for his “Robfather” tendencies, 7% say that his move at tribal was a useless power play. And another 8% say they are disappointed in his performance so far.

Similarly, 12% suggest Sandra needs to stop sitting out from the more strenuous challenges all the time. However, she has played smarter than Rob so far by going after Amber, although that might put a target on her back after the merge. And 10% say that showing her tribe mates how to easily catch fish at least showed she wasn’t in it just for herself.

Let’s see if Sandra’s immunity idol comes into play this week or whether Rob stumbles through another challenge again before we totally blow them off. But if Rob loses his closest allie Parvati Shallow after seeing his other old-school buddy Ethan Zohn head off to Extinction Island after being voted off, he could be in trouble soon.

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