Robert Scott Wilson on sudden shock of ‘Days of Our Lives’ coronavirus hiatus, and yeah, he binged ‘Tiger King’ too [WATCH]

Days of Our Lives,” like all of the daytime soap operas, put production on hiatus to try to slow the spread of coronavirus, and that news came right in the middle of shooting scenes, according to actor Robert Scott Wilson, who joined his former co-star Freddie Smith and Alyssa Tabit‘s podcast to discuss their lives in quarantine. Watch them above.

The news came on Friday the 13th. “We had probably another 15 or 20 minutes before lunch broke,” Wilson remembers, “but we had a bunch of stuff lined up. We’re in the middle of it, we’re doing our thing, and right after we finished one of the scenes … they got on the speaker and were like, ‘Hey, could everybody come to stage two?'” Executive producer Albert Alarr told the cast and crew that, in addition to the week off that was already scheduled, they would be shut down for another week after that.

But by Saturday it was clear to everyone that production would be on hold for a lot longer than that. “We knew right away we were going to be shelved for awhile,” he explains. “Right now we’re just suspended until further notice. We don’t even know when we’re going back, just like everybody. We’re in the same boat as everybody else.” The good news is that “Days” has episodes stocked up that will keep the show on the air until the fall.

Beyond that, Wilson is keeping the faith. “I believe faith is just having positivity and knowing that things will be alright,” he says. “We’ve got some wild times ahead, but we’re going to get through it.” In the meantime, he’s trying to stay mentally and physically healthy, and yeah, he binged “Tiger King” just like seemingly everyone else on Earth: “It was just the most entertaining thing to me … The two most common words right now are ‘quarantine’ and ‘Tiger King’ … I’ve been watching these murder docs for five years now.”

If you can’t shoot your soap opera, you’ve got to get your drama from somewhere.

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