‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ controversy: ‘Selfish’ Sherry Pie stirs clash between Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews

Because of Sherry Pie‘s off-camera behavior, including sexual misconduct allegations, this 27-year-old New York queen has been a controversial figure all season long on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” (She’s already been disqualified from winning.) During Friday’s 11th episode, a wholly new controversy erupted at the judges’ table when Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews clashed over Sherry’s performance in the main challenge. To recap, the six remaining queens were tasked with creating one-woman shows that lasted five minutes each. Sherry lost track of time and went on for a whopping 17 minutes, resulting in Michelle calling her “selfish.”

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“Tonight on the runway you look absolutely stunning,” Michelle stated about Sherry’s meow-licious purple cat look. As for her challenge performance, which consisted of Sherry psychically communicating with a goldfish, Michelle proclaimed, “The concept was fantastic, the delivery was fantastic … if it wasn’t an hour long.”

Host RuPaul Charles chimed in, “I think you clocked in at 17 minutes.” Sherry’s whiskered mouth opened in shock as she confessed she had no idea her performance lasted that long.

Michelle continued on, “It makes you selfish. And you’re taking time away from the other girls.” Sherry tried to save face by apologizing to Jaida Essence Hall, the queen who performed after her in the challenge.

When all of the queens went backstage so the judges could deliberate, Ross and Michelle had their stark disagreement. “It was an epic yarn,” Michelle said before adding, “There are rules to follow.”

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“I just thought you were actually a little harsh … when you called her selfish,” noted Ross, who was sitting beside the week’s special guest judge Whoopi Goldberg.

Michelle defended herself by retorting, “It was self-indulgent. If she was not being self-indulgent she would have realized there was a five-minute cutoff and there was another girl waiting to go.”

RuPaul stepped in and put an end to the quarrel. “Okay, you two, you need to get a room,” she joked. Whose side are you on: Michelle or Ross? Sound off down in the comments section.

When all was said and done, Sherry Pie was deemed safe for the week, as was Crystal Methyd (who won the challenge), Gigi Goode and Jackie Cox. That meant Jaida and Heidi N Closet had to lip sync for their lives, with Heidi losing and being forced to “sashay away.”

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