Sabato Russo (‘Making the Cut’) interview: It was a ‘bumpy road’ to complete the ‘Collaboration’ challenge [SPOILERS FOR EPISODES 3-4]

“It was little bit of a bumpy road,” says “Making the Cut” designer Sabato Russo about the challenging “Collaboration” assignment on the Amazon series, which required him to make a mini collection with fellow contestant Sander Bos. “But in the end the result was really good — combining two worlds with one aesthetic, and our two voices became one. Sander is very young and super talented, so I brought to the table my experience.” Good indeed — they won the assignment, so one of their winning looks was made available for purchase from the online retailer. Watch our exclusive interview with Russo above.

The main bump in the road was Russo’s mistake of putting all of their designs into a single tech pack instead of dividing them into separate packs for two seamstresses to construct overnight. As a result, only half of their work had been done, which put more pressure on them to finish on time, but despite the misstep and the subsequent rush to finish their work it was a harmonious partnership, which may be surprising since “our aesthetic is completely different.” Russo’s designs have been distinguished by their clean, simple elegance, while Bos is pushes the envelope with avant garde extravagance.

“It wasn’t a challenge at all because we really worked very close together,” Russo explains about how well they merged their artistic points of view. “We established a concept immediately. We just went and implemented, and then it was a lot of action. We didn’t change minds.” The judges made up their minds too, giving them the win and advancing them to the next round of the competition. So how far will Russo and Bos make it through the season, and did you agree with their win?

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