Ruthless Sandra Diaz-Twine proclaims, ‘I’m gonna vote out every single female’ in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ [WATCH]

Legendary two-time “Survivor” winner Sandra Diaz-Twine has a unique strategy in “Winners at War,” and it’s sure to ruffle a few feathers. In CBS’s new video featurette (watch above), Sandra proudly proclaims, “In the majority of the seasons the women always go first. I’m gonna help that happen. I’m gonna vote out every single female here because there can only be one Queen.” Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Sandra’s “Survivor” strategy is ruthlessly original.

So far in Season 40 Sandra’s red Dakal tribe has only gone to tribal council once, but she made good on her word by helping to vote out a woman: Amber Mariano. Amber was a part of the “poker alliance” that was targeted in the first episode for their perceived pre-game strategizing. However, Sandra’s vote was also personal since she felt “betrayed” by Amber’s husband Rob Mariano for not telling her during “Island of the Idols” that he’d be competing on “Winners at War.”

The blue Sele tribe has ousted two members so far, and they’ve both been female: Natalie Anderson and Danni Boatwright. That news no doubt makes Sandra elated, as there are only seven women still in the game proper, compared to 10 men. Natalie was sent to the Edge of Extinction because of her close bond with “San Juan Del Sur” buddy Jeremy Collins, while Danni’s torch was snuffed when she dared to cross paths with Parvati Shallow.

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Speaking of Parvati, her strategy this season is to use her “mom experience” to connect with some of the other parents on the islands. “I’m gonna use that in a major way,” she revealed. “You’ll see some tears, and it will be real.” Already this season we’ve seen Parvati play the parent card with fellow Sele tribe members Rob and Jeremy.

Sandra is the reality TV show’s only two-time winner, at least for now. She prevailed in “Survivor: Pearl Islands” and “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” thanks in part to her “anybody but me” strategy. Indeed, she’ll cut your throat at a moment’s notice if it would mean surviving for a few more days. That type of game play makes her quite the controversial figure — some fans consider her “Survivor” royalty while others can’t stand her.

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