‘Survivor: Winners at War’: 41% think a bamboozled Sandra Diaz-Twine was right to surrender and quit the game [POLL RESULTS]

As Gold Derby user Tony E observed, “Queens are never quitters… and quitters are never queens!”

There were clues scattered about that the self-described Queen of “Survivor,” the CBS reality show’s lone two-time Sole Survivor Sandra Diaz-Twine, wasn’t quite her usual emboldened self as she competed against fellow former champs during “Winners at War.”

Unlike the other times she has participated, Sandra wasn’t quite so cutthroat about her “anyone but me” approach to the game. In her past three seasons, she overcame her lack of prowess in physical challenges by holding sway over her fellow teammates. But not so much this time. At one point, she tried to position herself as a provider by showing her tribe how to use a large net to catch fish by the shore. But it did her little good when it came saving her.

She pointedly decided to sit out multiple challenges that required strength and agility, so much so that host Jeff Probst dubbed the seat she used as an observer as the “Sandra bench.” Sandra also declared on Season 40’s third episode that she was “retiring from the game” going forward.

But then she fell into the trap set by Denise Stapley, who won season 25, as she pulled a fast one on the Queen by using two immunity idols at tribal council against Sandra. That sent the her to the Edge of Extinction, where she became the first person this season to decide to hoist the mast to beckon a boat and quit.

In our poll about whether Sandra should have quit without at least joining the other Edge dwellers when they got a chance to return into the game, 41% say she made the right decision.

Meanwhile, another 10% backed her decision to leave. That Denise was able to bamboozle her at tribal council, it was clear that Sandra’s heart wasn’t fully in the game. And another 2% said Sandra seemed different this time around and less hungry for a victory.

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However, 28% of those voting were disappointed that the Queen decided to leave without at least putting up a fight. Another 19% says she now has a footnote to her long legacy on “Survivor” that tarnishes her past accomplishments.  Too bad she will also lose her title of being the lone two-time winner after Season 40 concludes.

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