‘Survivor: Winners at War’ is ‘gonna be a bloodbath,’ promises Queen Sandra in new video featurette [WATCH]

“It’s gonna be a bloodbath.” That’s how Sandra Diaz-Twine teases the newest season of CBS’s reality TV show to end all reality TV shows, “Survivor: Winners at War.” This monumental 40th season, which premieres February 12, welcomes back 20 of the most memorable winners of all time to fight for the biggest prize ever, a whopping $2 million. Sandra is the show’s only two-time winner heading into the season, which of course paints a huge target on her back. “At the end of the day, I’m still the queen,” Sandra smiles in a new video featurette (watch above).

Another castaway with a target on his back is Sandra’s mentor buddy Rob Mariano from “Survivor: Island of the Idols.” Boston Rob is arguably one of the show’s most recognizable faces, having competed four times and won once in “Survivor: Redemption Island.” “There’s no bigger winner, there’s no bigger target,” notes Rob. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll still figure out a way around it.” He also proclaims, “Whoever wins this one is the king of the hill.”

Rob met his future wife Amber Brkich Mariano when they played together in “Survivor: All-Stars,” and now she returns to the show for the first time since since she dominated that eighth season. “I’m happily married still 15 years later with four beautiful children,” Amber explains. With Rob and Amber coming into “Winners at War” as a couple, they’ll no doubt be targeted together since pairs are always seen as ultimate social threats.

Below, see more tantalizing quotes from some of the other returning winners. Is it February 12 yet?

“Everything out here has nothing to prove, which means they have nothing to lose, which means everyone out here is a dangerous killer. I’ve got my dagger behind my back.” — Parvati Shallow (“Survivor: Micronesia”)

“Almost 20 years ago I played this game. When I was 35 years old, I was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. Just being here today is a miracle.” — Ethan Zohn (“Survivor: Africa”)

“The game has evolved a lot since I played. I have to be one heck of an idol hunter.” — Danni Boatwright (“Survivor: Guatemala”)

“If I have to build spy shacks I will do it, I’m just hoping that I can get away with it.” — Tony Vlachos (“Survivor: Cagayan”)

“I’m planning on befriending everybody and then stabbing them in the back, joking all the way to the finish line.” — Tyson Apostol (“Survivor: Blood vs. Water”)

“There’s nothing left to be said about it. This is gonna be the best season ever … especially if I win.” — Jeremy Collins (“Survivor: Cambodia”)

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