‘Schitt’s Creek’ cast dishes Emmy party, Sarah Levy’s reactions to their wins and more on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Fresh from reaching numerous milestones on Sunday night’s Emmy telecast, the main cast of “Schitt’s Creek” were guests on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Eugene LevyCatherine O’HaraDaniel Levy and Annie Murphy joined Kimmel’s show to talk about each of their Emmy victories and what it was like to be at their Emmy gathering in Toronto.

Daniel Levy, who took home four trophies as an actor/writer/director/producer, admitted that the crowd gathered to celebrate the show’s wins was supposed to be much bigger. Canada’s guidelines for big gatherings had originally allowed for a larger crowd size to gather at the planned celebration, but those plans had to be reworked at the last minute. “In true 2020 fashion on the night before our Emmy party, the government had to minimize the party size in half, which meant that we had a last minute un-invitation ceremony that had to happen for our lovely crew.” When Kimmel asked who had the responsibility of alerting the crew members that they were un-invited to the party, Daniel quickly replied, “Not us!” Eugene added, “I was the first one to say, ‘Not me.'”

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Murphy, who collected the prize for Comedy Supporting Actress, talked about the pressure she felt when her category came up after all her castmates had won. “It was awful. At no point was I like, ‘Oh, we’ve won this many, now I’m gonna win.’ It was more like an internal monologue of who am I going to apologize first when I lose.” O’Hara then goaded Murphy into talking about her initial plan for a speech if she won. Murphy told O’Hara that she hadn’t written anything down in the event of a victory. When O’Hara continued to press her about what she would say, Murphy suggested that she would just go to the microphone and make fart sounds using her armpit, which made O’Hara want Murphy to win even more than she already did.

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Eugene Levy also took some time to talk about Elton John’s praise for the show during the telecast. During the presentation of Best Comedy Series, as the name of each nominated program was read, a celebrity would talk about why they loved that program and John talked about “Schitt’s Creek.” Eugene revealed that he first became aware of John’s love for the show while attending a Vanity Fair party a couple of years ago. Daniel cut in to reveal that he had been at that same party. “I got a text from my dad saying, ‘Were with Elton John. Come find us.’ And at that party, there’s so many people, you couldn’t possibly find anyone.” It was supposed to be a sort-of full-circle moment for Daniel as he’s named after John’s song of the same name. “When I ran into my parents at the end of the night, I was like, ‘What did he say when you told him that you named your child after one of his songs?’ And they said, ‘We didn’t tell him that. We forgot.”

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Watch the segment in the video above where you’ll also see the Eugene and Daniel talking about Sarah Levy‘s viral reaction to the show’s wins, O’Hara remembering her and Eugene’s Emmy win in 1982 as writers for “SCTV” and Eugene tearing up with laughter as each cast member does their best impression of him.

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