Did Sergio really deserve to win a second challenge on ‘Project Runway’? Fans are divided [POLL RESULTS]

As if he didn’t need another reason to believe he’s the greatest designer who ever graced “Project Runway,” Sergio Guadarrama won the “Sheer Genius” design challenge, his second victory of the season following his unconventional materials win in “Sleigh the Runway.” Did he really deserve to come out on top again? The fans we surveyed were split almost right down the middle. Scroll down for our complete poll results at the bottom of this post.

Almost half of respondents (48%) thought Guadarrama really was the rightful winner, and as much as I’ve been rankled by his seeming lack of humility and self-reflection throughout the season, even I have to admit that his elegant, layered use of sheer fabrics was his best design of the season (see how we ranked all of his looks thus far here). He soured that a bit, though, when he celebrated his win by explaining that being on top is “were I should be.” Never content to accept the praise of others, he had to go and proclaim his own greatness again.

Meanwhile, 45% of respondents thought Nancy Volpe-Beringer should have prevailed for the sheer prom dress she created. I for one think Volpe-Beringer has been underrated by the judges all season, getting safe scores for a few looks that I think should’ve gotten high scores or even won. I would have loved to see her win this time around, but she was content with her runner-up finish, and in fact was proud to have been up there with her friend Guadarrama.

Producers have definitely given Guadarrama the villain edit on the show this season, so we haven’t seen very much of him bonding with Volpe-Beringer, but if she likes him then he can’t be all bad.

Marquise Foster, who returned to the show right after being eliminated as the result of Dayoung Kim withdrawing from the competition, also landed in the judges’ top three for his sheer look. Safe designers Brittany Allen and Delvin McCray looked stunned by that result backstage. It seems like our readers were too. None of them thought Foster should have won the challenge, while 7% thought the winner should have been a designer who wasn’t even in the top three.

What did you think? Was Guadarrama really the best in “Sheer Genius”? And might he win his third challenge this week?

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