Silhouettes thank Alesha Dixon ‘from our hearts’ for Golden Buzzer moment on ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ [WATCH]

“Alesha, thank you for that Golden Buzzer,” says the leader of Silhouettes after “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” judge Alesha Dixon anointed them with the confetti shower during Monday’s episode. (Watch their NBC interview above.) The “grateful” shadow dance group originally appeared in the 2011 season of “AGT” when they came in second place to singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Now Silhouettes has a shot at being the ultimate “Champions” as they’ve advanced all the way to the Finals thanks to new judge Alesha’s Golden Buzzer.

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One of the Silhouettes dancers said the Golden Buzzer moment was “unreal.” As she explained, “The second [Alesha] stood up and reached for it, in my mind I’m just like, ‘No!’ That was never an outcome we expected. It was insane and to see everyone smiling, and the joy and the happiness, was just an unforgettable moment.”

The leader revealed her dance troupe has been “preparing for this show six hours a day, six days a week for the last four months. There’s a lot to prepare a child for. You don’t want to ruin them or give them an experience that is too much for them to handle. So there was a lot of preparation.”

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Some of the kids were in the hallway waiting for their chance to go out on stage, and when they heard the judges giving red X’s to acts like Emil Rengle and Bars and Melody, they started crying. “There was a fear factor,” noted the leader, “but also ‘America’s Got Talent’ has always treated us really well and incredibly kind, so there is also a safety factor.”

Grumpmeister Simon Cowell told Alesha he was “annoyed” she got to push the Golden Buzzer for Silhouettes as they blew him away with their act centering around the love of a family dog. Alesha noted how the act reminded her of her own childhood puppy, which explained why she and the other judges were reaching for the tissues.

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