Coronavirus storylines? Soap opera fans say the daytime dramas should avoid it ‘like the literal plague’ [POLL RESULTS]

The coronavirus pandemic has forced TV productions to shut down, including the four remaining daytime soaps “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless.” Hopefully those shows will be able to open their doors again soon — when it’s safe to do so, of course — but what should happen when they do? You could hardly make up a story as dramatic as this, but should the daytime dramas tackle this subject matter on-screen? We asked our readers, so scroll down to see our complete poll results.

Soap fans’ answer was a resounding no: 61% said “the soaps should avoid coronavirus like the literal plague.” Even “General Hospital” star Nancy Lee Grahn shares that assessment. During her new socially isolated talk show “Soaps in Quarantine,” she said she was “quite certain that is not going to happen.” Ripped-from-the-headlines storylines would be challenging even under the best of circumstances. Soaps shoot weeks or even months in advance, so it would be impossible to stay ahead of the curve.

In addition, many viewers turn to daytime dramas for escapism, so having the news intrude on the usual affairs, breakups, power struggles, baby switches and love triangles wouldn’t necessarily be a welcome addition. But 21% of respondents think “GH” is the one show that could consider doing a coronavirus storyline given that show’s medical setting — though “GH” has already been besieged by a viral epidemic, which tore through the town of Port Charles in 2006. Only 18% think the soaps “should all acknowledge the crisis in their storylines.” Do you agree with the majority who think soaps should quarantine themselves from the very idea of COVID-19?

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