Sofia Vergara (‘America’s Got Talent’) goes from role model to superfan of preteen salsa dancers Simon and Maria [WATCH]

A young pair of salsa dancers with roots in Colombia took the stage during Tuesday’s second episode of “America’s Got Talent” and impressed all four judges with their high energy, fast-paced routine. Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel couldn’t help but smile as they watched Simon & Maria shake their hips across the stage, but it was Sofia Vergara who was most proud to see these youngsters perform. Watch Simon & Maria’s audition video above.

“We met at our dance studio and we automatically clicked,” the 12-year old Simon told the camera. “Even when we’re not dancing we’re together all of the time and we also tell each other almost everything.” 10-year old Maria chimed in, “We joke around a lot,” but looked mortified when asked by producers if they’re a couple. “We’re better off friends,” Simon admitted with a laugh.

“Maria and I were both born in Colombia and we came here with our parents at a very young age,” Simon explained. “Sofia is a big motivation because she’s Colombian.” Maria’s mother instructed her, “You better get an autograph from her!” So when it came time to meet the Latina judge, they were excited to tell her their outfits were made in Colombia.

“I love them,” Sofia exclaimed. “They’re perfect. I knew they were made in Colombia, I could smell it. They smell like coffee.” Before the dancing began, Sofia told them how happy she was to have them on the show and thanked them for coming.

Simon & Maria proceeded to wow the crowd with their infectious energy, lightning fast footwork and technical lifts. “Simon, I love your faces,” Sofia gushed. “I love how much you’re into the dance it was fantastic to watch you. You guys have so much energy and I loved the song you picked. Theses guys (the other judges) won’t know anything about it but I do.” Judge Simon complimented their work ethic and said the audience will fall in love with them. Heidi found them “super entertaining” and Howie called them a “ray of sunshine.”

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