‘Survivor 40’ deleted scene: Parvati hilariously SLAPS Ethan for being a ‘bad’ liar [WATCH]

In quite possibly the most entertaining “Survivor” deleted scene of all time, Ethan Zohn realizes he’s “not the greatest liar in the world” so he goes to Parvati Shallow for advice. “Parvati and I needed to role play a little bit,” Ethan admits in the hours leading up to Danni Boatwright‘s elimination from “Winners at War.” When he pretends to be nervous about lying to Danni, Parvati slaps his face and scolds, “Bad Ethan!” (watch above). Seriously CBS, why was this scene not in the episode?!

Ethan later explains in a private confessional, “If [Danni] comes to me and says, ‘Who are you voting for,’ I don’t want to be taken aback with shifty eyes and not know what to say. So I wanted to just walk through the motions and try it out once or twice.”

Cut to Parvati and Ethan meeting secretly in the jungle, where she tells him, “Whatever happens, you and I just have to look out for each other. [It’s gonna get] even crazier from here. This is just the third person.” Parvati then looks him in the eye and directs him to “play smart.” When he jokes that he’s going to tell Danni she’s the target, Parvati quickly pleads, “Ethan, do not do that.”

Later on, Parvati sighs to the camera that “Ethan really wants to just be honest and tell everyone what’s going on. He’s so freaked out playing this game, so he needs help.” Laughing, she adds, “Ugh, let’s try again Ethan.”

Ethan won “Survivor: Africa” (Season 3) and then returned in “Survivor: All-Stars” (Season 8), but his subsequent cancer diagnosis prevented him from returning to the show until now. Parvati lost during her first appearance, “Survivor: Cook Islands” (Season 13), but returned in “Survivor: Micronesia” (Season 16) and claimed victory. She was the runner-up to Sandra Diaz-Twine in “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” (Season 20) and then took a long break from the game before competing in “Survivor: Winners at War” (Season 40).

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